Must know PHP and MYSQL and speak fluent English

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Need website fix and ongoing training and support for existing website, Requirements: Must know PHP and MYSQL and speak fluent English

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Submitted 27 Jun 2016 at 03:26
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Jan Klan

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Hey there. What's the problem(s)? Cheers Mike

Warpspace IT

Hi, Ashley. I meet the requirements, in that my spoken and written English are both excellent, and I have a knack for getting complex ideas across and documenting systems so that they make sense to developers and non-developers. I'm also good at copy-editing. I've worked on multiple PHP and MySQL projects and have been a freelance IT consultant for 11 years.

What level of front-end changes to your site do you need? Basic JS and CSS is fine, but anything advanced I'd refer to a theme developer or front-end specialist.

Bode Contagion

Email sent, we look forward to your reply. Cheers.

Brett Hollander Sydney

Hi there, what do you need fixed on your web site?