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I need someone who can do a quick job for me on my website. I've tried to update my website font and colours after it was hacked recently, but I haven't had any success trying to do this via the editor. My site is and you can see how bad the colours and fonts are - they're not readable. Hoping someone can help me!

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Leanne J.
Joined Jun 2018

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Submitted 8 Jun 2018 at 05:29
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Shihab Pavel

Hi there My nane is Shihab Pavel. I am Wordpress web developer. I can do your work. Let me know

Estimated 1 hours
Finley Corrigan

Hi Leanne,

My name is Finley, and I'm a Wordpress developer that loves working with people. I am based in Perth, Australia. I'd love to help you out with changing the colours and fonts back to what they need to be. I'd also be happy to do a basic security check on your website while I'm at it, free of charge, so you don't get hacked again.

Let me know when you want me to start working! Thanks

Estimated 1 hours
Rabeya Tasnim Huq


I am a WordPress web developer based in Melbourne. I can easily help you to this.

Thanks Rabeya

Estimated 1 hours
Lana Neads

Hi Leanne, we specialise on Wordpress, attached to my profile you csn find our portfolio. Can definitely have a look and help you out

Deliver in 1 days
Rania Karam

Hi Leanne, I'm a web designer based in Sydney, and I can do the wordpress changes for you, no problem. I usually quote the job, but here is an estimate. I can also install for you a couple of plugins for security. And I'm happy to record a video for you on how to do the changes -Rania

Estimated 3 hours
oldlabel web design

Hi Leanne, I see you have a WordPress website. Modifying the CSS can be easy, I can either help or teach you to make the changes to your text styling or, if you'd prefer, I can carry out the modifications for you.

I'm ready when you are, Jeremy

Estimated 3 hours
Whitetower Digital

We can help you with the CSS, but since you've been attacked it's also good to consider updating and adding some security enhancements. We work with a lot of Cyber Security clients and have a lot of experience protecting hackers from attacking your website!

Deliver in 2 days

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Clavax Technologies

Hi Leanne,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number/Email address please ? I'm equally excited to work on your requirement..


Rohit +61 2 83187634 rohitp@clavax

Leanne J.

Hi Rohit, sure ... my email address is or

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