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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual

I am exploring a website idea and hoping to receive quotes from a range a Sydney-based web developers.

My vision for the website:

To provide a user with their perfect match, chosen from a database of businesses from one specific industry.

My thoughts on layout:

A home page which contains a lead form above the fold, and simple icons/copy below the fold to explain how the lead form works.

Lead form contains 5 multiple choice questions - similar to the process when creating a job on Oneflare. Each question refers to a separate category.

Need to have all the businesses stored in a database, and manually assigned a score /10 for each category.

Eg Business A gets 10/10 for Category 1, 5/10 for Category 2 and 6/10 for Category 3 etc

After 5 questions, the user enters their contact details and hits the CTA button "Find my best match"

The maximum score is 50. Say Business A score 46/50 across the 5 questions, their “Match Score” would be 92%

The top 3 businesses ranked by Match Score pop up on the page following completion of the lead form. Each of the 3 agencies have their name, logo and Match Score displayed. At the bottom of each, there is a CTA to "Get in touch with xyz business" which contains an affiliate link to the business website (pre-existing 3rd party).

That's it. No other pages to the website.

Website generates $ on a cost per lead + % of closures model negotiated with the businesses.

Can you give me a rough indication of $ range and time to build this?

Thank you.

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Mark B.
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David Impey - Web & App Developer

Hi Mark,

I'm a freelance web developer based in Manly. I would estimate this task to take 3 days actual development work, however I only freelance part time, during evening and at weekends so it would take me a week to complete.

I would build this webpage using WordPress and AngularJS. WordPress to provide a nice and simple way of managing the business data, images etc and Angular to create a clean UI which can easily fetch and filter the business data via WordPress's built in JSON API. I would create a basic and clean interface which would be responsive to resize appropriately for tablet and mobile but we would collaborate on the exact look and feel.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to talk to me regarding the project.

Kind regards David

Deliver in 3 days