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Hi, I am a first-time self-publishing novelist, and wish to sell my book online as well as in paperback.

The genre of the book is erotica, and it is an expose of a slice of life in the Sydney sex industry. There are graphically written short stories along with facts, opinions, and anecdotes, all of which have been crafted from the information complied by interviewing the prostitutes and their clients at a currently operational Sydney brothel.

A blog and a couple of social media accounts have been set-up, and help is required for that aspect. The various accounts all need to be linked etc, and advice about on-line marketing is needed. As the product is yet to earn any income, a student, or a believer in the product would suit – with success comes the possibility of on going site maintenance.

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Hi mate, just wanna see the the blog and the social media accounts.



Here are the user names for twitter and face-book, and the link for the blog. Linkedin and myspace accounts also exists, although seem less relevant.

Twitter user name - VerityMarshall@IntelligentEros

Thanks for your submission, let me know your hourly rate/deal after viewing the sites.



Also would not mind reading some of these books.


If at the posting's end date you have secured the position, a copy of the book will be provided.