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Starting a new business selling original Aboriginal Artefacts. I need someone to provide:- a basic turnkey method to allow us to be online selling; sell through the multiple online selling sites; sell through our own website; give me confidence to support it ongoing. This last will probably be by pointing me at places to gain the correct information.

I know about business, F.A.I.M. ret, and I know how to support myself as I was self employed for many years. I have however no current skillset that will enable me to take this new business online. The multiple suppliers of online shops, websites and other offerings cause confusion and I have not enough knowledge to sort the wheat from the chaff.

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tim g.
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Submitted 23 Jul 2016 at 23:30
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Mitch O'Dea

Hi Tim,

I am happy to take this job on as it doesn't seem to complicated as we can use a CMS (Content Management System) for the shop which will allow you to take control as well as sell through multiple sites.

Deliver in 20 days
Camilo Pestana

I am an experienced software developer with more than 5 years of experience working for international companies and doing freelance. If you want a nice design and something unique I can do it for you. Please, check some of my work on my personal website:

Deliver in 15 days
DIY Digital

Hi Tim. I'd be happy to take on this project. I would build the site in WordPress and use WooCommerce to set up the shop. WordPress and WooCommerce are very popular which means you can search on google for information about them or search on You Tube for tutorials to further teach you how to use them once the site is set up.

At handover of the site I would give you a video lesson plan to teach you how to upload new products. I do video lesson plans for all my website builds - you can see one of these videos I've done for a beginner website owner here -

You are likely to need a comprehensive shipping matrix for your online shop as it sounds like you are selling products all over Australia and perhaps even internationally. It sounds like you will have different weights, sizes and destinations for your product sales and my quote is based on this. If you have a simpler arrangement, please let me know and I can revise the quote.

I would upload the first 20 products and then handover to you for you to upload the rest. The price includes the video lesson plan and one hour personal phone training and subscription to my fortnightly hints n' tips newsletter. If support is required over and above this it would at $40/hour for email and phone support. I enjoy teaching people how to use their site.

There is an ongoing cost of about $120/year for the domain name and hosting of your site. I use an Adelaide hosting company who rent space on the big data centres in Sydney and other capital cities in Australia. It is excellent, secure hosting at a very competitive price. You would need to pay this each year.

With my video training you should also be able to back-up your own site and update to new versions of WooCommerce and other plugins as they come along. Websites need some IT maintenance once established, and with WordPress and WooCommerce you should be able to do this yourself, however if you struggle with technical things you may wish to retain me or the hosting company to do this for you.

Deliver in 20 days
Chase e-Design

Hi Tim,

Roughly how many products and how many pages are you looking for the online store website?

Hi Tim,

What exactly do you mean by "sell through the multiple online selling sites"

Do you require a website built, or do you need somebody to get your products onto other sites?