parsing of data from 4 online sportsbook in VB.NET / C#

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we require data parsed from 4 online sportsbooks as per the instructions in the attachments, initially we would like a cost to parse just one site, and for just one sport US MLB ( baseball ) plus the Japanese and South Korean baseball . all as per the details in the attachments . if you believe you can do this simple parsing job but cannot access the 5D site , please contact me , don

( included is a snip of a page of the baseball taken from the 5D site

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Riyanal Chea

Hi I am a bit new to this site and I haven't been actively working in this site because I have my full time job as well. I hav been programming in C# over 3 years now. As for my experience in this site, I am offering you basic rate just to get me start. I believe I can do this task for you easily.

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Sim Touch Technology


My understanding from the above details, this is to just decode each html string (the whole page) supplied to the function into a data object containing the specific information for that page. There is no requirement to connect to or authenticate against any of the servers.

This quote is for the initial decoder set up and decoding the html specific to the above required site and sport. Further sites and/or pages would utilise the initial decoder set up and would therefore be less than half the below rate, depending on the complexity.

Yours Sincerely Michael Robinson

Deliver in 10 days
First Five Eight Media

Hey mate,

Yeah we can do this, I'm always interested in working on sports based projects as well!

Give me a shout

Estimated 15 hours
Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Don,

I have reviewed the requirements . I am an experienced and j2ee developer based in sydney.

Please feel free to ask any questions should you have.

Thanks. Jay

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Hi Donar,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number/Email address please ? I'm equally excited to work on your requirement..

Cheers! Rohit +61 2 83187634 rohitp@clavax

Depowersoft Pty Ltd.

I can get it from the 5d site online but you need their permission to do it. Or you export the information to excel with your account from the 5d site and read it from there. Another alternative is to get it from Google search. The best way is to use regular expression and c#.