PPC Consultant - Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Insta Ads, etc.

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We are a digital marketing agency based in Australia serving clients globally, and we are looking for an experienced PPC consultant that can help with managing client campaigns, inclusive of the following activities:

  • Discussing strategies with clients
  • Setting up PPC campaigns in Google Ads, and Facebook Ads primarily (setting up all targeting, placements, using all features like structured snippets, extensions, etc.
  • Creating audiences, lookalike, retargeting, etc.
  • Managing campaigns and providing frequent updates to our clients
  • Tweaking campaigns to achieve positive conversions
  • Setting up pixel tracking and conversion tracking metrics in Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, etc.

You must have at least a couple of years experience working with PPC ad campaigns and social media campaigns.

We are looking for someone who is able to provide a service that is both efficient and effective as we run many smaller-scale PPC campaigns across many clients, rather than a small volume of larger-scale PPC campaigns.

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David A.
Joined May 2020
Submitted 19 May 2020 at 03:25
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