Program to calculate shipping costs.

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My business regularly ships parcels Australia wide of various sizes. Whilst I charge a flat shipping rate, my actual costs depend on which carrier I choose to ship with. I need a small program designed that will ask for input details from me (eg size of shipment, user log-in details), and return the shipping cost to me from 4 different shipping companies. The program can either log-in to the website using my credentials OR use an API (perhaps?) to retrieve the details. Most importantly, the program needs to work FAST. I don't want to input the details and wait any more (ideally) than 10 seconds for the result. The program also needs to be able to do the same thing for multiple shipments. So for example, an excel/csv file has multiple inputs, and the program needs to be able to read the multiple inputs, write the output to a csv file, then move onto the next input.

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