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Hi, I have created fitness manuals and would like them proofread to fix any Spelling and frantically errors. But also look at the content and reword if needed as I’m not a great writer.

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Julia b.
Joined Jun 2020
Submitted 25 Jun 2020 at 22:25
Expired 2 years ago
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Hi Julia - I too live in NSW Aust and would be happy to discuss with you your work. I have placed a estimate of total cost at $100.00 and a completion timeframe of 1 week to enable the OzLance system to progress, but as the quantity and size of the manuals have not been specified this figure and timeframe may need to be adjusted. Give me a call if you wish to chat further. Many thanks Judy

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Brooke Kuipers

Hi Julia, I'd love to work on your manuals and adjust them to ensure they are up to Australian editing standards and are easy-to-understand. I've provided an estimated cost but will need to discuss the project in more detail, including how many manuals and their length. I look forward to discussing the project with you. Brooke.

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Isobel Healey

Hi Julia! I'm happy to do this. I am completing my Certificate III in fitness at the moment, and have a Bachelor of Science. I've also written plenty of short stories, essays and research articles. I have also created an edited manuals before surrounding different psychological issues. I can have this done in one day :)

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RSoft Enterprises

I wish to offer my remote services from a Kiwi POV, and help you provide a great collection of fitness manuals.

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Hi Julia, I would be happy to proofread your document. I am thorough and detail oriented as reflected through my experience writing academic documents. I am also familiar with fitness manuals so I will understand the message you wish to be portrayed. Could you give me more details about the length of this document? Let me know, Aude

Estimated 2 hours
K M Steele

Hey Julia, I have plenty of experience with writing and editing ebooks, novels and marketing copy. I have edited full length books, websites and ebooks, and I have strong interest in the fitness industry. If you prefer a fixed price, please let me know the word count of your manuals. Regards, Kate

Estimated 4 hours
Health + Mellness

Hi Julia. I was up until recently the editor of one of Australia’s largest health and fitness magazines. I have years of experience in both writing and editing in the fitness field. I’d love to chat more about the length and content in your manuals to give you a better idea on how long it will take me to proofread (or reword).

Estimated 8 hours
Graphic Words

Print trained journalist with extensive experience in advertising, public relations, corporate communications. I've produced countless brochures, flyers, media releases, annual reports, magazines and online content for individuals and major corporations including Australia Post, Lend Lease, Myer, Holden, Gerflor Australasia. Right now, the usual pipeline of work is not flowing for obvious reasons as most corporates need to engage their own employees to execute work whilst retaining their staff on JobKeeper.

Estimated 10 hours
Graphic Words

Hi Jullia. Good for you! The important thing is to document the knowledge that you have, the 'what' if you like. Then, as you propose, it's a great move to engage a professional to tweak, rewrite, embellish or edit as appropriate to present a readable, easily understood, polished product. Can you advise how many manuals, average # of pages and if there are any graphics/illustrations to help communicate your instructions. I would also be keen to know if there is a specific deadline by which these need to be completed. If you have a 'project fee' in mind, by all means table it. Everyone works at different pace on an hourly rate. I am particularly efficient and turn things around promptly. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Kate.