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I cant not believe I am here for the third time trying to find a reliable professional developer. Thus far- every developer (past two now) who has worked on the project or has been engaged are the most unreliable individuals we have ever met! The industry must be honestly full of unprofessional developers (now freelancers) as they can't keep a job and no one wants to hire them! Prove me wrong?

Looking for a developer for a Building & Construction platform. It was rebuilt in Microsoft azure and based on C#/ Blazor.

First developer missed the deadline twice- caused us to miss our launch on two occasions.

Second Developer- Poor communication, unreliable, and no product shown since hiring in November last year.

If you are un-reliable, untrustworthy and rubbish- Do NOT apply. First developer has been sued for damages and we have recently won the case. Second one- now starting proceedings after being screwed around since November last year.

$10,000 project for the right applicant.

THank you

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Joseph K.
Joined Jul 2020
Submitted 6 Apr 2021 at 09:54
Expired 3 years ago
Bidding guide $5000+
Average bid $7,011.22

Akt Solutions

I am developer with required experience and work with no delivery no pay basis. Let me know if you would like to discuss the project.

To begin with, I would like to see the project progress so far and details for what needs to be done.

Deliver in 1 day
Rockfort IT Services

Hi Joseph Reading the skills required if seems you will need a team which has multiple skill sets. We are Cloud Apps Technlogy and have expertise in Laravel, MySQL, and cloud hosting platforms like Azure and AWS.

We have BAs and PMs who can scope out the project and establish the expectations beforehand so that an efficient delivery can be performed. please view my linkedin profile: one of our projects in Laravel: and feel free to contact me on plus six one four zero four zero zero one zero nine eight.

Hope we can have a chat so we can get an opportunity to learn from your project requirement Knid Regards Param Ramanan

*Price quoted below does not reflect the project cost in any manner. It is only enntered as we are required to enter some information

Deliver in 100 days
Lighthouse Information Technology


I am certified software engineer. I am Sydney based, I work for government and banks. Contact me if you are serious vendor. You can find some info here

Estimated 100 hours
Zkythers Solutions

Please provide the requirements properly. Then we will be able to provide proper deadlines and cost estimates. Please contact me for any further info 0469743341

Deliver in 30 days
[Deleted user]

I am senior developer in Microsoft technology and working since 13+ years and deliver multiple projects on time. We can decide the timeline and keep checking the status frequently. Let me know the suitable time to discuss the same.

Thanks, Sunil Email:

Deliver in 30 days
SZI Technology Pty Ltd

I am developer based in Sydney. I specialize in software for the construction industry. I have proven track record for delivering projects to the light gauge steel construction industry for the last 18 years. Please provide further details of your project so I can provide accurate cost and time estimates. My contact details are Mob: 0424117225 email:

Deliver in 100 days

Hi Joesph,

I understand the troubles you have had, this unfortunately is not an uncommon situation, and happens to small one man businesses up to ASX listed companies, and we have remediated a lot of work on both ends of the spectrum.

We have extensive experience in the Azure and building business systems.

Would need to know the scope of the project and the specification to be able to give you a fixed cost of course.

Let me know if you want to discuss further.



Deliver in 90 days

We are a team with more than 15 years of experience and plenty of successful software projects. I am very confident to get this or any other software done with quality.

I would suggest an agile method for this development where you get continuous progress updates, and see the software working as it gets developed. I can accept getting paid based on progress to reduce your risk.

We obviously need to understand your goals and details to make a quote. This is just an approximation based on time and your budget.

Deliver in 80 days
[Deleted user]

Hello Joseph,

Sorry to hear about your previous experience with two developers.

Of course, I'm a newbie on this platform but not in this industry.

To win your faith here I have shared profiles for your reference. :

It would be nice if you could share more additional details of your concept so I can get back to you with the development plan.

Here I have shared working footprints that we ideally follow to deliver a desirable solution.

Regular user of SVN, Github, Hudson, Bitbucket and PM Tools like Jira, Asana, Trello and I am comfortable with the Structural Approach of development.

Please provide your convenient time to discuss your requirement further. We are always following Agile Methodology to complete our project with quality code and deliver in time.

The amount that I have placed is just a place holder; I will be able to provide you with an exact cost and time estimation after receiving the detailed specifications from your end.

Portfolio: Clutch Reviews: Our Corporate Video:

Looking forward to translating your requirements into technical terms. Regards,


Deliver in 120 days

Hi, what are the requirements/scope of the project? Which ones have been completed and when is the deadline?

Joseph K.

I wouldnt know whats been finished or what has been created- The recent developer i haven't seen ANYTHING. A lot of questions yet i have not seen ANYTHING to do with it?


Is it possible the deadline has been missed because the timeframe was unrealistic for the amount of work required?

If you want a reliable developer, possibly it would be a better move not to fill your advertisement with abuse of your previous developers.

Given you are advertising for a third time, maybe it is your decisions and choices that are the issue?

Last updated 3 years ago
Joseph K.

Deadlines were not unrealistic. First developer had over 6 months, and the last developer had from November until end of February and i have not seen 1 aspect of the platform. A lot of questions and in 4 months i have seen 0. Deposits paid to each one.

Definitely not my decisions as i have been very VERY fair- The industry is full of incompetent people who wouldnt last a week In Construction as no one holds them accountable!

Joseph K.

P.S_ I have been very fair and very nice yet though-out this whole process YET I have been stuffed around by supposed experts- 2 times ALREADY! Its not abusing- Its the truth. And im making it clear That it will not happen again.

Michael Annesley

How can anyone possibly provide you with a bid when you provide very little idea of the work involved? For the most part your description of the project is of the previous developers. I would never bid on project for which I have no idea of the scope, deadline or other factors such as security requirements, user load and so on. You provide none of that.

Last updated 3 years ago
Joseph K.

I am not putting complete details due to; 1, NDA must be signed prior

  1. Need to see the capabilities and previous work?

Why waste time dealing with someone who cant do the job? It wouldnt be right for either of us.


Hi Sir,

Good day!

So sorry to hear about your experienced. May I know more details about the project? A high level spec would suffice.


Aaron Mason Pty Ltd

Do you still have the original system from before it was rewritten? I wonder if the first person bit off more than they could chew when they resolved to rebuild it...

Last updated 3 years ago
Joseph K.

I have a few items- Once an NDA is signed I can send them across for viewing.