Renteca Digital Presence update

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We are seeking to update our Digital Marketing Strategy/Campign such as

  • Review and provide recommendations for our updated digital marketing strategy
  • Update Website SEO/SEM campaign
  • Create Facebook Business presence
  • Update Linkedln Business page and create periodic Linkdln new feeds including the copy writing
  • Review and provide feedback on current google ad word campaign and update if needed
  • update website product listings and appearance and produce product catalogue
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Greg M.
Joined Dec 2019
Submitted 10 Dec 2019 at 00:13
Expired 3 years ago
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[Deleted user]

Hello, I have over 10 years in web development, marketing, SEO and general growth hacking.

I can write a 10-15 page marketing strategy that includes KPIs and how the digital marketing strategy fits into the overall campaign.

Alternatively or additionally I can perform the work at an hourly rate to help meet those KPIs. Please let me know which one suits.

Deliver in 5 days
[Deleted user]

I have a wide range of experience in preparing digital marketing strategies. I have been working as a Digital Coach for the past 18 months helping businesses such as yours to improve or set up their online presence. My approach would would be to update your website and social media presence in tandem with the completion of the digital marketing strategy. I would then use the data provided by tools such as analytics and paid marketing to ensure that you are getting the right number of conversions for the amount invested in Google Ads and SEO. Other updates (such as to product listings and content creation) would be part of this quote for up to 20 hours total. I'm happy to discuss ongoing or additional hours once the 20 hours has been reached. Please contact me for more details.

Estimated 20 hours
Abhishek Sehgal

I have worked on projects where I develop a consulting deck for model creation of past Campaigns and analyze the campaign using data analytic and ML model building with Gap Analysis to see the best approach and create a customer profile. With the help of the ensemble, I create models focusing on profitable groups and looking at methods make the non-profitable customers profitable and feature selection for profitable customers. This includes a gains/lift graph, with SEM optimization based on data. For this, I will need access to your full campaign data and I can then after processing recommend future campaign strategy and do SEO optimization, if needed we can set up capture systems to create sales funnel. I am an ML consultant. It will be based on proven strategies combined with insight analyses summarised in a Deck (PPT) with raw analyses provided and research references for you to follow.

Deliver in 7 days
Intuition SofTech Australia

HI Greg, Steve from Sydney. I am currently doing all of these activities for few of my clients on daily basis and I can do the same for you. We can meet or talk over mobile and discuss this. I run fortnight sprints and keep you updated on your business and its ranking. I also do web design and development. Let me know how to proceed. Looking forward to showcase my capability.

Regards: Steve

Estimated 80 hours
First Five Eight Media

Hey mate,

It would be great to be able to speak with you regarding the project in order to prepare a suitable proposal. We provide a full online strategy for business growth - including SEO/SEM, content marketing, distribution through social and email channels, all integrated with a CRM so you can monitor the sales lifecycle and close more business.

Our prices are flexible and can be anything from $2,000 to $20,000 per month depending on services.

Here's a link to book time in my calendar: Here's a link to our website:

Recent client website: Recent client content marketing strategy:

Looking forward to speaking with you

Thanks Rich

Greg M.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your reply. Can you please contact Ryan our sales director using for more information.



Webby Monks

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