Require a website for a spectacle provider company

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An online store that offers the customer the ability to buy blue light blocking spectacle frames, either with no prescription or with prescription.

Website will explain the health benefits of blue blocking glasses.

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Danijel K.
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Submitted 2 Nov 2018 at 06:18
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Web Developer and Web Designer

Hi Danijel ,

My name is Pooja Solanki, Web Developer and Web Designer. I have hands on involvement in creating numerous responsive websites and having five years of experience in the field of Web Development and Web Designing.

I went through your requirements . It seems that you are looking for the eCommerce website set up for the blue blocking glasses .

Its something getting me eager to know more regarding your requirements . So , I would like to know more and can be a great help if you can share the layout reference if you have any as well as the features you are looking for and other like that which is in your mind .

I would suggest to have a Skype chat for the better discussion . Please feel free to contact me on Skype anytime , my Skype ID is psolanki3272 .

Regards, Pooja Solanki Web developer & web designer Skype ID: psolanki3272 Availability: 40 hrs/week

Deliver in 30 days
Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Danijel,

I have reviewed your website. Happy to make it on custom platform with entire UI?UX and graphics included .

Pleas let me know when we can discuss further .

Thanks Jay

Deliver in 30 days
Splose Pty Ltd

Hi Danijel,

I am really interested in your project. I own an established website and app company located in Adelaide CBD. Our clients include Universities, large festivals and franchises. I am personally very experienced with web design and would be able to help you develop an online store for your spectacle frames and explain the benefits with a beautiful design.

If you'd like to chat further, you can call our office number on 1300 350 957 or contact me personally on 0430 722 102. You can also visit our website

I look forward to talking with you further. Regards, Nick

Deliver in 30 days

I'm an experienced web designer and developer. I'd love to assist in getting your ecommerce store setup for you.

My offer includes; design (2 concepts), development using WordPress and WooCommerce. Initial SEO Up to 15 pages and 10 products

I've assisted many ecommerce stores and would love to do the same for you.

Deliver in 24 days
Techlink Consulting Australia

Hi Danijel, I would like to introduce you to Techlink Consulting Australia, where we are a team of expert software developers and project managers. We work on JS Technology, PHP, HTML5/CSS3. We ensure transparency with and inclusivity of all our stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle with the help of project management tools and in-depth documentation for project initiation and project closure and have a high focus on our customers' requirements.

We would love to hear from you and understand your requirements better. You can get in touch me with via email - or feel free to call me on 0401010945.

Kind regards

Estimated 160 hours

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Clavax Technologies

Hi Danijel,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number please ? As I'm equally excited to assist you by developing website (Online Store) which will explain the health benefits of blue blocking glasses as well as offer the customer to buy blue light blocking spectacle frames. Kindly share your best upcoming availability so that we can connect and take things forward.

Cheers! Rohit +61 2 83187634

Vincent Brown

Hi Danijel I build eCommerce solutions using the combined WordPress/WooCommerce platforms. If you haven't heard of these, you can look them up on the web as both are well-known and very popular platforms for eCommerce applications. This combo is much less expensive to setup , and is easy for you to manage moving forward, as I imagine you'll be adding new products regularly as well as editing and updating existing products/product descriptions. This is a "stand-alone" solution, which means it it set up and run on your own web hosting account, as opposed to a "hosted" solution such as Shopify, where you use their servers instead of your own. If you were to select a WordPress/WooCommerce solution, you can acquire web hosting cheaply from any major provider such as Crazy Domains, GoDaddy or Digital Pacific, which of course, I can also set up for you. So if, having done your research, you think a WordPress/WooCommerce solution would meet your needs, then let me know and I'll submit a quote. If you could just let me know how many products you'll be starting with, at what point in the buying process you want prescription information entered, and if you'll be shipping just Australia-wide or worldwide, that would be useful, as this information will have a bearing on price. Regards, Vince. Perth, WA.

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