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I need some long loose-fitting shorts made, below knee length, made in black cotton which isn't see through and made with a drawstring. I will show you a picture of what I need, if you don't need a pattern and can go off a picture to get an idea, please let me know and I can discuss further. I need the seamstress to order samples from Lincraft or Spotlight first and send them to me, as I am hypersensitive to certain fabrics, those that are fuzzy, visible fibres like cotton flannelette, wool, so I need to see the fabric first. So I need you to please keep that in mind when identifying particular fabric options and selecting samples and ensure they meet the description. I can identify a particular option also I have seen online and let you know, if you can get a sample for me. I can then make a final decision on the fabric once I see it, before you buy the fabric and make them. Or if the cotton doesn't have any fibres hanging off the fabric, when you look at it in the light, so it's completely smooth, then that should be fine. Please let me know if you can meet these needs, thank you for your help.

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Submitted 21 Jul 2023 at 07:35
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