Seeking Facebook Ads Specialist for One-Off Advice re Audience Targeting

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Our business, Luxe.It.Fwd, is an online business selling pre-owned luxury handbags and we run out Facebook/Instagram ads ourselves. We require specific advice regarding audience targeting in order to best reach our relevant audience. We have tried various interest targeting and lookalike audiences already, but we’re wanting an expert to bring a completely fresh approach for suggestions.

We seek a person who is highly experience in Facebook/Instagram ads, and has demonstrated expertise in the area. For this task, we will provide a summary of our customer demographic and our business, and then the person will look into and advise their expert suggestions for what interest targeting and other audience approaches they recommend.

We seek an experienced Facebook ads expert who can provide insightful advice in this regard, and not just merely throwing out a few obvious interest targeting or ones that have very low audience volumes. That is, we want someone who is going to properly think this through and come up with insightful ideas that we may not have thought of ourselves – and also ensure that the suggestions provided are not for an audience size that is too small to properly target.

The task won’t require the person to access our FB Ads Account, because we’re wanting a completely fresh point-of-view rather than assessing what audience we’ve used already. Ideally we’d like the task to be completed as soon as possible, so please confirm your timeframe in which this would be completed.

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MacInnis Marketing

Hi Miranda The task as I understand it is to provide some insight on your targetting and ad suggestions for your business, I have a background in small business marketing as well as FB and Instagram advertising. I understand you don't want someone to have access to your FB but it would be foolish not to understand the Facebook pixel information, retargeting and any pixel events you have set up to see how you are leveraging this data. I would want access to your website, google analytics and FB Business Manager so I can draw on all of these insights to come up with the appropriate strategy.

I have suggested a bid of $700 which would include a report of what I recommend in terms of lead generation and conversion goals.

Contact me on 0400507037 or my email if you want to discuss further

Deliver in 2 days