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I have a website that was SEOd and is absolute crap. There is no english written that makes sense on the website and no movement in the rankings for months. So what I want is a SEO expert that knows english and more importantly knows SEO and not full of S$%&. So maybe a success based freelancer if there are any legitimate ones out there consider the offer and then we can discuss fees and results based.

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john s.
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[Deleted user]

SEO requires a lot of effort. For it to work effectively, we need to completely understand your products and/or services, their features & benefits, and the type of people that would buy your product. Once we are armed with this info, we can put together a list of RELEVANT keywords for each product and/or service.

We completely audit your website and any social media presence you have to ensure that these keywords are adequately represented - and ensure your content is RELEVANT and INTERESTING.

Then the hard work starts.

We produce regular blogs/news articles/updates and publish these with a frequency that is correct for your buyers. We embark on a back link building program with high quality links (high quality means that the link is actually a relevant keyword that links back to a relevant article).

We constantly review your site to make sure that the keyword chain back to your site is successful.

And gradually we build confidence in the search engines that your website actually has something useful to say to people that are searching for the keywords you are trying to rank for.

Yes, we speak English. We also speak Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin - and can produce SEO in all languages.

We are not cheap though.

Alternatively, you can throw caution to the wind and use AdWords. That will get you immediate results and may be cheaper than the "free" advertising you get from SEO.

I won't bid openly on OzLance, if you are interested in talking further, get in touch and we can talk via email or phone. The quoted $1 is to make sure I can post this. It is not a bid.

Your obviously a straight talker, we will give you straight answers.

Good luck with your business.

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Tailored SEO

Hi john. I'm based in Brisbane and have been doing digital marketing for just over 7 years. I have worked for local and global agencies and have just started my own business in SEO and other aspects of digital marketing. As we are starting out we do charge substantially less but offer the services and time equal to that of larger agencies. Our price starts at 300 per month for SEO but can vary depending on your business goals. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any further questions, or to get a free audit.

Kind Regards,


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Digital Finery

Hi John, Your problem is common when work goes offshore. I can re-write your site and improve its SEO, whilst also advising how to get more traffic to your site using link building & promotion methods. I am Sydney based and currently consulting.

Like the other bidder, I would need to see the site first before providing a quote.

Cheers, Louise

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Harley Slatter

Hi, I'm a writer. I have been for years. I work with an SEO expert so between us we can help you out.

I'm just guessing a price at the moment. We'd need to see the actual task to confirm.

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Grafison Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

I'm based in Sydney Australia, please reach me so that we can discuss on marketing and promotion of your website through SEO.

Deliver in 180 days
[Deleted user]

I have SEO experience from last four years

Estimated 100 hours

Hi john, I have just a few questions about it. Is it a website from scratch or has it be done with a CMS? How many page does it have? What's your objective? Thank you.

john s.

Its already in play 6 pages Objective. Rewrite it to english. get the SEO started


Damien Brennan

Hi John,

SEO can be tricky but I believe I can help. I recently moved a website from approx page 6 of Google to be in the top 3 organic search results (page 1). Before I submit a quote I would love to ask a couple of questions - Can you contact me on so I can;

  1. Make sure I can help
  2. Ensure I quote appropriately?

You can check out some of my past work here

Look forward to hearing from you.


IT Support Station

Hi John,

Good morning.

Just want to have your website's url so that I can have a look at it before I can place a bid. Normally, my rate is 200 dollars for home page SEO, except content writing.

Thanks. Baju


Can you share the URL please? Like that I can have a first look to estimate the amount of work, start to understand your product, philosophy and brand image, in order to make the right bid.