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I'm looking for someone to run my two social media accounts for a my small business. I'm rebranding so it will be from launch. I'm looking for only 1 - 2 posts per week on Facebook and maybe instagram. I'm trying to keep costs down. The business is in the technology space. Please provide other accounts you run, if you are just starting out then your personal socials are fine

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Bidding guide $8 - $15/hr
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Thomas Jacob

Hi Ellen, I can do this for you by spending 4-8 hours a week to make these posts. I'm a graphic designer as well, so I can create the posts as images. 1 post = 4 hours, $60. 2 posts = 8 hours, $120.

I can create a sample for you if you wish. I'm just starting out so here's my facebook id:


Estimated 4 hours
JK Design

Hi Ellen. I specialise in graphics / web / digital marketing with over 10 years experience. I ran this company's digital marketing for 5 years (also co-owned it, recently sold) - I also have a DSLR & love photography. All images & copywriting on this account were created by myself. Paid campaigns were also ran with successful results. Also check out my website for more & my social accounts - My bid is $80/week which includes 2 posts for 2 accounts. Happy to talk further. Cheers :)

Deliver in 7 days
[Deleted user]

Hi Ellen, I am having an expert team of social media accounts management. We've global exposure of clients. We do create images, write-up, hashtags, and gifs that can help clients with their social presence. As you're rebranding your small business, we would love to grab this opportunity and would like to handle your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We would be providing you 2 Posts per week. A post takes 4Hours to complete. Estimate for a month: 2Posts x 4 Weeks = $96.00 ($24 per week)


  1. Images
  2. Write-ups
  3. Hashtags

Add on: We will provide you 4 Posts as complementary in a year. (Quarterly Each)

Flexibility: In any urgent event and scenario, we would stay very supportive and won't charge you anything. We believe in a simple thing - "You Grow, We Grow."

Following are accounts that we run: (Company Account) (Personal Account)

Note: The given estimates are with respect to a month. (Monthly Cost for two posts in a week)

Fond Regards, Vishal Vyas.

Estimated 8 hours
[Deleted user]

Hello Ellen,

I can give you 10hours a month for $180. This will include creating posts as well as posting for 2x a week on both Facebook & Instagram.

Deliver in 2 days
RC Marketing Freelaner

Hi Ellen. I have over 5 years Marketing experience and have run advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, radio, TV, billboards and magazines. I've developed 2 brands, one receiving the South African Gold Pack Award in 2018. I'm currently employed by a private school in the Perth area, managing their marketing and communication, but only work 4 days a week. I can definitely spend some time helping your business for up to 8 hours a week. I design, manage ads and social media accounts, work on websites and strategize. We can chat about an hourly fee if you're interested.

Deliver in 1 day
Whitetower Digital

We've worked with a lot of different brands in paid and unpaid social media marketing. For some accounts we've ran, @inspacexr / @teastruck / @fairiaaustralia. Our plans also include strategies for "like for like" and "follow for follow" to help grow your followers and awareness of the business and brand.

Deliver in 5 days