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I'm looking to grow brand awareness for my health platform through social media.

Website is up and running, ideally I'm looking for someone to regularly update content on the facebook page. I require someone that will generate a significant amount of genuine likes through new content and their existing connections.

Target audience is in Sydney and Melbourne

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Richard L.
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Freya Gavaghan

Hi Richard,

I'd love to engage with your business and help it grow through social media.

In my experience, I've found that the best way to grow followers and create genuine likes is to post a range of things relevant to your niche. Instead of always pushing sales, the content published should offer followers something of value so that they deem your brand worth following. Publishing informative, engaging and interesting content not only increases your social media following, but also increases brand awareness, builds on your brand identity, and opens you up to new and higher numbers of potential customers. Therefore the importance of social media really cannot be underestimated.

I have managed the social media of a number of growing businesses, successfully helping them increase followers, build brand awareness and provide them with new customers. This includes doubling the Twitter followers of one clients business in 4 months, and growing another clients Facebook followers from 1,000 to over 5,400 in 8 months.

As someone who is passionate about health and experienced in increasing social media followings for small businesses, I think I'd be an excellent fit for your brand. Much of the burgeoning health industry has arisen with the maturing of the millennial generation - a generation of my peers. Therefore I'd be able to connect with your target audience, providing them with content they'll find interesting and compelling enough to make them want to follow your brand and engage with your business.

With my experience in growing the social media followings of other small businesses, I know the best times to post, the best frequency, and the right kind of content. I am based in Melbourne, and have worked with the social media of Melbourne and Sydney based businesses, as well as businesses that provide services to Australia wide.

As far as my services go, they are dependant on how regularly you want to post, and what sort of content. I do provide a service where I design images to post on social media which takes additional time and therefore incurs an extra cost. But this is dependant upon what sort of content you are wanting to associate with your brand. With most businesses, I recommend a minimum of one post per day.

With your business being health related, I would focus on publishing news within the health industry as well as content to do specifically with your brand. Healthy recipes, the latest in studies on health, latests healthy trends, etc. My estimate would be around 1.5 - 2 hours a week spent publishing content - and this would be a schedule of at least one post per day.

Please contact me if theres anything you'd like to discuss further - my email is

Kind Regards, Freya

Estimated 2 hours
Damien Brennan

Hey Richard,

I am very interested in being your social media manager and believe I can help you achieve business goals through a detailed social media strategy.

I currently manage the social media pages for a number of companies and have built audiences from less than 100 to over 2000 followers that are actively engaged.

I would love to speak to you about this position in more detail and provide some more accurate pricing based on our discussions. Please contact me on to see how we can work together.

Thanks Damien

Estimated 4 hours
Robby Semilla


I am very interested to work as your Social Media Manager. I can make sure that your social media account is always updated and I will make sure to generate a significant amount of likes by using my existing connections. I will also help you in terms on how can we promote your page and get more likes and followers. Please message me so we can talk about this job and have this started.

Thanks, Robby Semilla

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Hi Richard. I can assist you with this. For some back ground, I currently work for a SME in the health foods industry and manage their digital strategy. As I have plans to open a digital agency, I am happy to take on a few jobs on the side now at very affordable rates, in the hope of building a long term working relationship. I have studied marketing undergraduate & am currently competing an MBA. Digital Marketing is my area of experitise (SEO, PPC & Social).

I would be interested to learn more about you health platform and see how I can support this, I am available to provide a range of digital services if required. Thanks

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Kerry Williams

Hi Richard,

I would be very interested in taking on this project due to my strong interest in health and my experience in Facebook marketing for several companies. I would suggest 1-2 Facebook posts per day on average, varying the content to drive sales. I can ensure that the posts fit the desired tone and that the Facebook profile and posts are fully optimised for search engines.

I would be happy to provide this service for a minimum of one month then ongoing for as long as both parties are happy, however the price quoted is for one month. Examples of work I have completed for other companies can be viewed on

Thanks, Kerry

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Born Agency

Hi Richard,

We are a full service digital agency that specialises on social. We have years of understanding Facebook algorithm to get the most out of pages as per their updates. We have worked with a vast array of brands from music festivals through to clothing and medical. This is a new profile for us on here but rest assured we can provide quality work for an unbeatable service and cheap introductory offer!

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DIY Digital

Hi Richard

My name is Fiona and I’m interested in your project.

I’d be keen to provide social media content over 3 months with a review at the end of that period.

Facebook is a great channel to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. I’d provide both curated and original content - working on an average of a post a day. Once or twice a week a post would link back to your website. I’d comment and like on other relevant Facebook sites as your business to further build brand awareness.

Through the Brighton SA Facebook Page ( I’ve built up a loyal following and received excellent engagement - outperforming similar pages significantly.

Google + is an increasingly good channel with excellent views and I’d recommend this for a health brand.

Facebook Ads are great especially if you have a new release, special or offer. I can set up a highly targeted (by town/suburb, buying behaviour and health category) Facebook advertisement for you. I’d also recommend a Facebook page likes campaign that targets people who are genuinely interested in your product. These adverts can be run for as little as $5/day although I would recommend $20/day over 7 days for Melbourne and Sydney.

I will re-size and optimise images for the social media channels to ensure the posts look great.

I freelance for a number of businesses working on their social media and online marketing. An example is the International Readiness Check updating their LinkedIn page and building customers through webinars ( Another example is a gift shop in South Australia editing e-newsletters, optimising blog articles and running an online Christmas competition.

I’ve worked for many health organisations including Arthritis SA, Multiple Sclerosis Society and the MedicAlert Foundation.

You can find out more about me here -, and check me out on Google Plus at

I haven’t included advertising costs in my quote as I’m unsure if you’d want to proceed with this. Please feel free to contact me to ask me any further questions, Kind regards, Fiona

Deliver in 90 days
Digi Intellect

Hello Richard

Go through your requirements and i am happy to assist you in promotion of your brand with the help of social media and SEO. I will provide you professional SEO services and increase the ranking in search engine and increase the keywords indexing through SEO activities.

In social media, I will promote your business in Facebook. First of all i analysis your Facebook page and optimise it. Add new optimise content, add cover page & logo ( if required). Then published daily 1 post on 6 days a week and share the post in Melbourne, Sydney & other Australian based business advertising groups to increase the engagement in Facebook.

I will also increase the genuine Australian likes of Facebook which is not drop in future. I am happy to discuss further more about my services. Offer is for 1 month services

Thanks Laxmi Narayan

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Shehzar's Art

My personal instagram and facebook accounts will speak for themselves: @shehzarsart Handled social media of Biennales, Hotels, start-ups.

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Clique Social

Hey Richard! I'd love to have a chat with you about your brand. I have worked with health and fitness related businesses in the past and I believe I can help you reach your target market effectively and creatively! Packages and pricing is flexible depending on what you require, so would love to chat more. Please feel free to contact me (details on website Thanks, hope to hear from you soon

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Kealey Nutt

I'm an experienced marketing and content strategy professional with over 10 years' experience working with small, medium, and large businesses across Australia. Happy to chat with you to talk about the types of content you'd like to use for your Facebook strategy.

Deliver in 30 days
Chris Herden

Hi Richard,

I am a highly proficient freelance journalist, social media content writer, videographer and publicist. I also have more than a decade of experience working in the health industry for the medical schools of Bond University and University of Queensland and for Queensland Health.

I am very experienced in developing business related content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I can manage your Facebook page with SEO-rich text, image and video content to maximise your brand's exposure to attract a new audience through engagement (including genuine likes, page views and click-throughs to your health platform). I can write feature blogs, create attention-grabbing GIFs, generate your Facebook posts targeting Sydney and Melbourne.

I established a Facebook business page for a theatrical producer client and managed the page’s text and video content, wrote and uploaded feature articles and created Facebook Ad campaigns. I developed a social media marketing strategy for the Facebook page of an art society client which was launching an all-new biennial event. I managed the page’s content, contributed interviews and artist profiles and linked to articles. I engaged with the Society’s members and regional artists from across Queensland to ensure their representation in social media campaigns. I liaised with Brisbane City Council stakeholders, major sponsors, interstate judges and I filmed, produced and uploaded MP4s and GIFs social media posts highlighting award announcements and the Society’s activities. I used the Society’s Twitter page (which I set up in 2013) as a redirection tool towards the main Facebook campaign.

I have an extensive portfolio of content I have contributed to online and print publications.

To view my portfolio and for more information please visit and my Facebook business page

My tendered bid is based on a 30-day retainer of $1400

Deliver in 30 days
Peachy Media

Hi Richard, I'm an experienced social media marketer and digital content creator. Having successfully built my own business through a community created on social media, I'm branching out to use my skills with other small businesses. Feel free to get in contact for more information on packages, the bid submitted is a monthly retainer for one of our packages.

Pages currently, actively managed:

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Guy Hozavsky

Hi Richard. I'm Guy. I have 10 years experience in marketing and advertising on line and off line from Israel's best advertising agency. The price i've written is a monthly retainer and It's negotiable depending on your specific needs. My email is: Thanks.

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[Deleted user]

Hi Richard, I'm a 20 year veteran of marketing communications in B2C, B2B and industry NFPS. As far as healthcare and medical goes I have worked with a range of businesses like Baxter Healthcare, Edwards LifeSciences and Corin Australia. As far as nutrition goes I have worked with Megavitamin Laboratories and Nutricia. I have undertaken some ad hoc project work for Ranbaxy and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia as well.

I currently manage the Facebook page for Tasti Australia and have done so since its inception.

On the personal health front I am a jujitsu instructor with a level 2 coaching accreditation from the Australian Sports Commission.

I am Sydney based and understand this and the Melbourne market well.

If you'd like to chat more about your platform and your marketing goals I'm happy to elaborate more on what I can do.

My pitch price is based on the sort of work we do for Tasti and represents a per monthly basis.



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