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I am looking for a social media expert to start up and build our social media platform for our small business, in the health and fitness industry, we are in the midst of rebranding from a previous owner, therefore are starting from scratch, although with a growing family, time is of the essence, but this business is another baby for us, we have put so much into it and would like to see it at its full potential. NEED HELP!!

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tia e.
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Submitted 31 Aug 2020 at 07:48
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Hi Tia,

Greetings from digitalrooar

We are a digital marketing firm, our website is

We will be setting up your social media pages and design creative and attractive post to promote on social media.

After creating your social media brand we will be helping you in paid marketing through which we can grab market attention and get more traffic and generate more revenue.

We can be a best fit for your needs. Lets connect or share your email address so that we can discuss things further.

you can email me on chintan at digitalrooar dot com dot au

We can be your social media manager and website designer.

Deliver in 30 days
Nicky Michaelides

Monthly charge. Help with the brand on social media, define the instagram/facebook pages. Reporting and ads included.

Deliver in 30 days
Whitetower Digital

We can help you rebrand and create a content roadmap and templates for your social media accounts, we've helped Personal Trainers, Health Supplement businesses and Activewear companies in the past grow into 5-6 figure per month in sales. We're based in Sydney and do all our work inhouse and locally.

Deliver in 20 days
Virtual SupportSoft PLC

We can build a social media App and website for $15k. Please let us know when we can talk further .

Deliver in 60 days

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The Next Rex

How many businesses do you have? How many websites do you need? Do you need to create social media pages only? or do you want us to manage and do marketing also? Because running paid ads cost extra.

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