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Extending existing ACCESS application to interface with MYOB. Got it working with the desktop version of AccountRight using MYOB API.

Need help connecting to cloud version of MYOB using same API.

Will provide developer key to help test.

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Manuel V.
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Submitted 22 May 2015 at 01:11
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Md Saroar Jahan

Sounds like an integration project with changes in communication service layer in VB code. I am working on large scale of projects involving disparate systems integration. Price is negotiable.

Estimated 23 hours
Cloud Solutions Australia

I am a very experienced software engineer including MYOB developer, have previously developed solutions using the old ODBC, currently porting same to the new API for both desktop and online, my code is written in VB.Net so pretty well "drop-in" for your Access application.

Deliver in 14 days
[Deleted user]
Deliver in 1 day


Can you provide all details regarding it.

Manuel V.

Its an Inventory system which i have developed over the years. One the upgrades is to get it to talk to MYOB with the new API.Everything is handled within the program with no external forms generated. Basically the business logic is when an item gets dispatched a sales invoice is created in MYOB and the created invoice number is returned to the database. I have it working for the desktop version However i need some help communicating with online version of MYOB. Technically the API is the same. I've having trouble receiving the code from OATH server, extracting it and using it to ask for a token. All this online stuff is new to me.

Cloud Solutions Australia

Hi, what is your Inventory System written in - C#/Vb.NET/Visual Studio? Would you be providing the full code for your application or just a test harness?

Manuel V.

The application is developed purely in ACCESS 2013 (forms / reports / queries) using VBA. The reason i chose ACCESS as the tool is because its easy to use and the product is for small businesses. I will upload relevant parts of the application along with test data along with the MYOB login details. This would suit someone who has worked with the new API. More info on MYOB API can be found here

I've uploaded a test database. Basically on order you change status of line item to 'Closed'. The record then appears in inventory screen. Once send button is clicked the MYOB record should be created.