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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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I need someone who can help improve the performance /speed of my website.


The website is running on Wordpress(DIVI) with VentraIP(Host). It is currently using NitroPack with CDN which gives it a great google page speed score.

However recently the website has a strange loading issue where it may take 2-5 seconds before it loads the first banner. (sometimes it load near-instant)

This also affects my mobile version and may give some bounce rate.

I need help with this.

I'd really prefer for you to come and look at my website files at one of my locations and discuss on how we can improve and optimize this.

I have 3 locations in Victoria. Braybrook, Taylors Hill and Camberwell.

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I have understood the problem of your web page loading slowly at sometimes and have trouble with mobile version.

To begin with, I initially did a web page response test by re-loading it for more than 100 times with different sizes and its responsiveness. I haven't found any loading issue with the web page on any screen size. To my understanding, if the problem might have already been rectified, please ignore my message and if the problem still pertains but occurs rarely, I might have to look into it once.

There might be several issues for causing this, sometimes it might be high resolution images or media on landing page or network traffic that website couldn't be able to handle.

I definitely can help you with this, I have to look at the project and decide whats the best option to reduce the website loading issues.

If you do want assistance in this issues, please don't hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to have a word with you on this.

Best regards, Vish [Freelance web developer (Specialized in CRM sites)]

Deliver in 4 days

Dear peter

your site is Phishing page and blocked by antiviruses. We need to have access to your site to check the problem. If you would like to submit your site information.

B.Regards, Benyamin