Standardisation of approximately 50 word docuements (policies, SOPs, etc.)

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My company is changing branding and I need a skilled writer to transition the existing documents to the new brand format.

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Rod B.
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Submitted 15 Jul 2019 at 03:33
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Meg Roberts

Hi, can I please ask what MS Word skills you specifically require? Also, do you want someone to write web copy, or is this already being taken care of?

Rod B.

Hello Meg, not a lot of specialised skills required, just knowing how to use paragraphs and being able to build automatic table of contents, few tables, good eye for detail in terms of keeping consistency.

Because we are dealing with internal policies, will you be ok to sign a non disclosure agreement?

Meg Roberts

Hi Rod, That sounds good. And yes, no problem with the non-disclosure agreement. Do you have a time frame and a budget or do you want a quote? I am an experienced freelance writer and can send you some samples of my work if you would like. Or, feel free to look at my online portfolio at

Cheers, Meg.

Hi Rob

There's no address to send a portfolio and nowhere to put a rate in. I'd need to see a typical document in order to price the rebranding work.

I've been a contract technical writer for over 20 years and am now a copywriter. I've set up styles and produced countless tables of contents for documents for my clients. Most of my work has been confidential, but I could send a couple of samples - part of a couple of documents.

Regards, Di

Laurence Pollwade

Hi Rod, Thanks for the invite but it's not really what I do. I'm sure one of he others would be far ore suitable.


Hi Rob, Sent you samples of my work. What is your turn around time?

Hi Rod

It's difficult to bid for a job that requires "word docuements (sic)" to be standardised.



Kerri Hruza Freelance Consultant

Good afternoon Rod. I am potentially interested but really need more information. What sort of company is it? Have you a website or anything I can look at to find out a little more about the business. What timeframe and what rate of pay are you offering or are you looking for a quote? If so, you really need to provide a detailed brief. I am a freelance writer, editor and graphic designer with more than 20 years experience in policy and document writing, formating etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon Kerri

Elizabeth Burgess

Hi Rod need a bit more info please, maybe you can send a link to your website? expectation on completion time?