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Remote (anywhere)
Freelance / Casual
6 months+

I'm interested in a VA for two separate aspects of my life, but would like it to be the same person if possible

  1. Social Media marketing and engagement for a new online creative business. This will involve working together so that you understand the type of content I want to share, engaging with followers and building the brand. I'm not a marketing expert, so am happy to work with someone on this to get started slowly and build over time as budget allows.

  2. Managing emails and communications with an abusive ex that I need to co-parent with. Conflict resolution skills/awareness and ability to wade through nonsense in emails are essential for this role. I have resources to support you in this work and the guideline of BIFF communication (brief, informative, friendly, firm). I will need you to extract the required decision from the incoming emails (if there is one) forward that to me to make that decision and then to reply on my behalf. If the email doesn't meet certain guidelines or doesn't have enough information, you will need to respond and request that information. This work tends to be in bursts - sometimes nothing for weeks and then 14 emails in one day. It is highly stressful for me to deal with this person and the attempts to manipulate, however it should be less of a problem for you because you are not emotionally involved in the situation nor have the 17 year history of abuse from them. There is generally no swearing, communication is all by email, issues will need to be handled within a 24hr response time.

Rates are negotiable depending on your skills and experience.

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Tamara P.
Joined Dec 2017
Submitted 19 Dec 2017 at 23:55
Expired 1 year ago
Bidding guide $15 - $25/hr
Average bid $528.57

Elise Smith

Hi Tamara, everyone needs to reduce stress in their life wherever possible! I have 9+ years in an administrative role. Prioritising emails is key, handling what I can and minimising my employer's involvement where possible to allow him more time for other commitments. I have some experience with Facebook ads/promotions as well. I am employed full time however can work around and outside my usual hours. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Kind regards, Elise

Estimated 3 hours
Nicole Vanderkroef

Hi Tamara, I have over 15-years experience in content writing, and over 5-years experience managing social media marketing. I am also a qualified, practising counsellor, and am skilled in conflict resolution. I know my hourly rate is a lot higher than your price guide. But if you choose me, I’d be happy to chat to you about a flat monthly retainer that works for you budget. I can send you through some links to my content work with organisations such as Bupa, ReachOut, and articles on the government’s mindhealthconnect website. All the best, Nicole

Estimated 0 hours

Hi Tamara I am happy to help you out I have done some work in social media management for a mental health organisation so i can help you to find some interesting content to post and i can also moderate the page for you and reply to comments and messages etc. As well as this, i am happy to help you out with your emails. I study psychology and am therefore good with communication skills, especially when there are issues such as abuse. I will do everything in my power to sort out these emails for you so that you do not need to deal with this person. I am happy to work on a casual basis and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Estimated 15 hours
Kate c

I have extensive experience in dealing with my own ex, and my lawyer wanted to employ me to advise her clients on how to negotiate with an ex as I was able to keep communications non-emotional and on track. I am an excellent communicator and skilled at problem solving, so I might just b3 the right person for the job.

I could also potentially assist with increasing your visibility on Facebook - I have increased the number of likers on the current page I manage from 1800 to 5100 in 14 months. Happy to discuss. I am not very au fait with Instagram but teaching myself at the moment so happy to discuss.

Please let me know if you’d like to chat!


Estimated 20 hours
Gemma - Award-Winning Web Designer & Marketer

Hi Tamara,

1) I'm an award-winning digital marketer and designer, and social media marketing is my key focus area when it comes to marketing. I can help build your audiences and brand, optimise your social media sites, design graphics for your posts and ads and respond promptly to your fans and followers.

2) I have years worth of admin and high level executive support experience also and am confident I could handle your emails and communications efficiently. Having been in a similar situation myself to your personal issue, I know how to handle this scenario well.

Hope to have the opportunity to discuss the role with you futher. Kind Regards, Gemma

Estimated 10 hours
Tanya Stapleton

My name is Tanya, I've recently handled the social media (Facebook) event for our church's Christmas carols event, we started off with around 176 people down as attending and over the 3 months in the lead up to this event we ended up with over 2000 people in attendance by using social media tips and tricks. I strongly believe I can help you with both jobs. I have done over 6 years working at a large insurance company and have excellent complaint resolution skills. I am extremely resilient and won't be emotionally involved.
Please feel free to contact me on 0406235966 if you would like to discuss further.

Estimated 40 hours
Jemma Hanson pty ltd

Hi Tamara, I have a degree in Public relations and marketing and I have worked on social media campaigns for an outreach program at a university, local hospitality businesses and in my current role in the information management field. I am a very creative person and would look forward to working with you on launching your creative business and teaching you a few skills for the future. As for the second task, I am turning 30 this year but have had enough life experience to tackle any confrontation. I am not confrontational at heart and I believe I have a skill for deescalating unnecessary drama, reading between the lines and getting the facts. Whilst I have never been in an abusive relationship I remember vividly as a child how heart wrenching it was for my mother. Always happy to keep line of communication open between us anytime of the day.

Estimated 50 hours
Abbey Ross

Hi, What kind of industry is your business?