structural engineer for portable mounting pole

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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual

looking for a structural engineer to design a portable mounting pole (to secure various lightweight electronic devices) that will be positioned in high traffic volume areas.

the product is to be designed to withstand tipping and needs to be modular to allow for ease of transportation and erection (and subsequent disassembly).

NDA will need to be signed and all design ownership to remain my property

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Luis C.
Joined Jan 2018
Submitted 16 Jan 2018 at 23:55
Expired 4 years ago
Average bid $2,500.00

Bell Engineering Group

I have 26 years of engineering and manufacturing including product design and modular plant. I understand transportable and temporary installations well and can design and detail accordingly. I have included to design, engineer, draft, and deliver A3 engineering drawings with engineering design certification. No shop detail drawings, manufacturing bill of materials, or installation inspection/certification. I have allowed to bolt to an existing footing or pavement by others.

Deliver in 3 days

Hi Luis,

We are a group of Registered practicing Structural engineers and Project Managers.

Can you please share more details like: Location these pole(s) required to be installed? Over all height required (min and maximum) Configuration / details of how long each section can be ? Details of equipment required to be installed? Prior signing NDA, we may need just basics like number of equipment, size of each equipment and any mounting / installation limitation or requirements, if there are any. Will you require Febrication drawings or only general arrangement drawings will be sufficient? Do you require Structural certificate?

Please feel free to send through details on

Regards, Riddhi V. Spectrum EPM Consultants