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Remote (anywhere)
Freelance / Casual

I am looking for someone to call ~450 former members of the industry association I run in Australia and New Zealand to see if they will rejoin.

As you make calls, I would like you to update any contact details we have on file (as needed), advise of any company closures, and the reasons people are citing as why they don't rejoin.

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Paul S.
Joined Jun 2021
Submitted 9 Jun 2021 at 00:42
Expired 11 months ago
Bidding guide $1500 - $3000
Average bid $2,125.00

Cate Davies

I have previously worked in a contact centre for the ATO and am able to communicate with people from varied backgrounds with respect and consideration. I also have sales experience and will promote your association to encourage ongoing participation and renewed subscription.

Deliver in 10 days
julie isitt

I have done a lot of telemarketing and have previously been a top telemarketer for TSA where I brought customers back to Telstra. I have a good personality and can sell ice to an eskimo. I am also good at communicating on the phone too.

Deliver in 10 days