Troubleshooting Canon 1500D camera

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Carlingford, NSW, Australia
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I need an expert with Canon camera. I have a Canon 1500 D and need 3 things done. I need to get it more focussed as my videos are a little fuzzy. Right now the screen is black and I don't know how to get it back. I think I pressed the wrong button and now I can't fix it. Also when filming in front of an interactive whiteboard there are those ripple lines that I don't know how to get rid of.

I live in Sydney and need someone who lives in Sydney, near Carlingford.

Please no amateurs. These are real technical issues that I need to solve in order to shoot my videos. I need an expert with the camera. Someone who knows how they work and who knows how to fix things.

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hi there im based in northmead right next to carlingford. im a photography/videography/ video editor for one of big four tech companies. Very simple fix happy to help and i am also a canon user! Happy to offer tips for filming and editing!

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