University documentary on global impact of child maltreatment - seeking production & post-production

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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual


A university research team is producing a documentary on the global impact of child maltreatment (and best practice prevention initiatives), and is seeking production & post-production crew.

We have already assembled a team of experienced professionals to bring this important project to life but are still looking for talented production & post-production crew members to help us shoot interviews in Sydney early in 2021 (between January and March).

Sydney based positions include:

  • camera operator
  • location sound mixer
  • makeup artist (basic)

Sydney or remote positions include:

  • production coordinator
  • post-production coordinator
  • interview transcribers
  • recruitment / human resources coordinator

Compensation: Initially this project is exclusively for distribution within the academic community. However, commercial sale will be sought for the programme following academic submission. We are seeking people who are willing to join our team (in some cases working from home according to their availability) on this important student / humanitarian project in return for senior level credits, social media publicity, and the opportunity to showcase your work (plus payment for hours worked at standard MEAA industry rates if and when commercial proceeds are generated).

Time Commitment Required: Time commitment is extremely flexible and up to team members. Given the compensation structure under which we are operating we ask team members to participate according to their availability.

If you are interested in partnering with our team of industry professionals and contributing to the eradication of child maltreatment please email:

Thank you.

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