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i have a worpress website, it has a free 12 day trial , then recurring 30 day subscriptions , i require users etc be given something like a password or product key etc when they register an account etc. my program is VB6.

this job is is nothing new, hundreds of websites have the same free trial then monthly subscriptions set-up, please do not apply unless you have previously done this sort of job previously , i suggest 2 hours work for those who know what they are doing , please see the 3 attachments , suggestions from my wordpress guy here in australia. these are only suggestions if know a better method that works please reply.

this job is only open to programmers from australia and new zealand, the job is urgent and must be satisfactorily completed within 2 days of being awarded.

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If I'm understanding the request correctly, here's my suggestion:

  1. When software is opened user is prompted to enter their website username and password. This is checked against WordPress and validated. (so the software needs to be able to make a connection to your WordPress DB).

  2. If validated AOK, the db table that has recorded your purchases is then checked to see if the user has purchased 14 day trial or recurring.

    a. If recurring, the software will then check that recurring payments are still occurring.

    b. If free trial and first time, the user_meta is updated with an 'expiry' date and also an 'activation' date. On subsequent logins this date is checked.

Using this approach you'll avoid users playing around with dates on their computers to get around free trial time periods or using software freely available to trick the software into believing the time period hasn't lapsed.


  • VB Code for login screen to do checks etc.. when software is opened (it would also need to check that you have an internet connection).
  • Access to the WordPress DB from the software. You may get some pushback here from your WordPress guy as there's potential security issues here. Alternatively you could create a simple table in a separate DB to store this information and make sure that a regular backup is run (daily) in case a user finds a way to exploit this connection.

I'm open to discussion about this request if I'm misinterpreting your requirements.

I think 2 hours is ambitious if you're wanting to make this robust.

If you aren't interested in making the solution robust, then just go here: https://www.daniweb.com/programming/software-development/threads/339730/visual-basic-code-to-setup-your-program-to-expire-after-30-days and try out the different code that people have suggested.



Estimated 5 hours
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hi i could not find the reply button , i do not quite understand your offer , do you have a ready made program to do this job and your quoyed cost is just to install it , is this correct ? i have send your link on to my programmer , she is going to have a look at it , to make sure it will do what we want , thank you don rees