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I need an IOS and Android app developed for vehicle service/maintenance logs. A database solution with around 20+ fields for multiple users.

Best explained by example, a transport company has 12 small trucks maintained by 3 mechanics at different locations. The business owner needs to access the app for service info as do the mechanics to update the information as a truck is serviced.

Every vehicles details would include make, model, year model, serial/vin number, rego, date of last service, kms, list of items serviced – oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air cleaner, tyres etc etc. Also a blank field for other or comments and more. Users could set reminders for service intervals. A picture would help users identify each vehicle.

Some simple design skills would be an advantage.

I would also need some help submitting to the appstore/googleplay.

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David R.
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Submitted 21 Jul 2016 at 13:26
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David Rawk

You should consider a web based app, not an iOS or Android app. It would be much simpler to find developers, and faster to build (so cheaper). If the app has to service a small number of users (less than 10,000) and is going to be used by staff, and has to be online all the time; it screams web.

David R.

Hi David, thanks for your comments. I am only new to the idea of apps but would like to discuss further. Are you available for a phone call? Regards, David Ricardo 0428562317

Well to be honest I am agree about the fact that a web based app could be cheaper and fast. In any case I have experience building hybrid iOS/Android apps. I use React Native for that. If you want me to I could do your iOS and Android app for the same price. But if you prefer I could do a web app.

Please check my website if you want to check my portfolio:


I have a system information in php where I can manager many information about vehicles

Concept Stage

Hi David,

we can provide a quote for you no problem, Concept Stage specialise in iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ business productivity and utility apps. We are based in Melbourne and offer our services worldwide. The process is...

  • Consult with your business

Identify the features that are required for your app.

  • Application prototyping

Plan, design and prototype the business application with a clear roadmap and vision of the outcomes.

  • Production and testing

Implement the production code, test, debug and deploy the application and provide training if required. Push to app stores iTunes and Google Play.

We can also develop the Desktop browser version no problem. (others above are referring as a web based version - they are all web based versions, the correct terminology is Desktop and Mobile)

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