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Paddington, NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual

Shoot and create a short video advert (30s, and 60s) for brand Petit Bamboo ( to launch SS17 range. Have already sourced models.

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Caroline A.
Joined Nov 2012
Submitted 9 Jul 2017 at 00:48
Expired 6 years ago
Bidding guide $250 - $750
Average bid $814.00

george moussa.

Design-artwork of post production in hi def.

Deliver in 3 days
[Deleted user]

Hi Caroline,

My name is Laura and I am a videographer based in Sydney. I have 4 years experience filming and I have already works in the fashion field (Armani) and with children (La Roche Posay, CITO Spanish Special Education Center). Please PM for me to send you my portfolio :)

I would be happy to create these videos for you :)

Thank you, Laura

I would be happy

Deliver in 14 days
Tae-Hyun Kim

Hello Caroline, I would love to have an opportunity to chat with you on this video project. Please message me and we can have a detailed talk about the project and how we could create some awesome videos for your brand.

Thank you,


Deliver in 7 days

Experience, eye for detail, and a complete understanding of what makes a good video.

Deliver in 5 days

Hy, my name is Snezan, I have 20 years of experience in editing and filming.

Deliver in 4 days