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Perth, WA, Australia
Freelance / Casual
1 - 4 weeks

I am looking for secretarial support either in the morning or afternoon Perth time, one day a week to begin (6hrs/week). You will have to be based in Perth for timezone reasons.

You will have to have good computer skills and a good internet connection (there will be lots of buttons to press and things to remember). You will be updating reminders, generating letters, filing requests and using Outlook/Winword. You will have to be good with computers.

Please let me know your hourly rate. If you have questions - my skype name is adamjameslaw

It is going to take me two weeks to set things up on the computer side of things and there may be a lull of work after Christmas.

Kind regards


Requested by
Adam L.
Joined Aug 2016
Submitted 30 Nov 2016 at 04:21
Expired 2 years ago
Bidding guide $15 - $25/hr
Average bid $112.50


Adam, I am a freelancer with experience in MS office and various software tools. I can be available to the mentioned Perth time zone.

Estimated 6 hours
Lisa Walters

Hi, my name is Lisa Walters and I am very interested in this position.

I feel I have the skills required to do this job well. I live in rural SA. I understand that you are in Perth and I am able to work your timezone hours.

I am used to working from home and I have a quiet distraction free home office set up with a good NBN internet connection with Telstra. I have excellent computer skills and I am a great at multi tasking. I am very capable of updating reminders, generating letters, filing requests and using Outlook/Winword.

i am currently working as a virtual assistant a few days day a week for the owner of a home improvements company. However, I really need extra work so this position would suit me perfectly.

If you are after a friendly yet professional assistant with a great work ethic then contact me.

Kind regards,


E - M - 0422 748 461
PH - (08) 8188 0228

Estimated 6 hours
Caitlin Donald

Hi Adam,

I am a recent Marketing graduate with general business and admin skills from both University and a Certificate in Business. I am located in Brisbane, and understand you desire someone in your time zone, however my current employment has me very adaptable with shift work and odd hours. I also have experience with working from home, and am successful in the self-motivation and reliability required to manage yourself. I have an excellent NBN internet connection and home office space. I am extremely flexible with hours and would be happy to work with whatever best suits you.

Please let me know if there is any further information you'd like from me. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards, Caitlin

Estimated 6 hours
Sumandeep Grewal

I am very good a working on computer. I have Australian work experience as an office admin plus receptionist. I am in South Australia but if the timings suit me, I can adjust timings.

Estimated 6 hours