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The Massive Transfusion Registry at Monash University is looking for a programmer to automate data verification procedures. Source files are in Excel, imported to SQOL. Flow chart and description of the processes is in the attached.

Priority will be given to those in Melbourne, as regular meetings with the team will be required.

Thanks, Rasa

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Tall Poppy Technology

I will be in Melbourne to visit clients RMH, PH. I am happy to stop by an see you and discuss options around this project.

My background and details can be viewed on my Linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/roblykens

You'll see I do this kind of thing all day.


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Systematix Australia
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Its an exciting and interesting project. I am a professional .Net C# SQL EFMVC developer having 5 years industrial experience. I would like to take this project. I am based in Sydney but I think meetings can be done over Skype.

I am not able to see the attachments. So can't estimate how long it will take to complete.

Moreover, as per description, it seems that its an ongoing task.

For the sake of submission of my initial quote. I am putting Zero (0) as total estimated hours.

Please discuss in detail and I can provide you the estimated time as well.

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Excited to see the project as I had done similar recently.We can do this using SSIS and SQL server. Using SSIS load data from excel, apply transformations to cleanup/ process the data in the staging level, then load to the target server(SQL server).Schedule this SSIS job using the SQL server itself. Total time to finish tis job depends upon the different type of files to be loaded and also the data complexity/bad data that come across. I live nearby Melbourne CBD and I can do it with an hourly rate of 55.

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Matthew Dally

Hi, I am able to complete the work you require. Importing data and verifying it through the process is something I have been doing for over 15 years. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this role in more detail

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Hi rruseka, I have worked as a database analyst (SSRS, SSIS and mircosoft SQL server)and currently working as a php developer so have clear understanding about this kind of scenarios. Lets discuss on skype and start from there. Regards Harry

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Really like the job. It is similar to one of my previous projects which has various Excel/Csv data imports. I am a senior developer specialized on system integration and ETL. According to the attached data verification document. Technical options would be windows service + SQL, SSIS or BizTalk, and plus a web application if an user interface is required. This is a big job. Is there a timeframe for the project? I live in Melbourne, happy to have a face to face discussion about the details.

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SZI Technology Pty Ltd


My name is Shazad Inayat, I have done similar type of work before where data is provided in excel and I had to read the excel files verify the data using a particular set of criteria and then insert into the SQL database.

However I am based in Sydney. I can travel to Melbourne if needed. If this is ok, I will need to asses in more detail and only then I will be able to provide an accuerate price, please do not hesitate contact me on 0424 117225.



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Hi I'm a developer specialising in data verification. I do both java and .net. Please contact me. Thanks.

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Eideas Technologies Pvt Ltd,

We are software development company called Eideas Technologies based in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

we would like to provide the following services to your regarding your project.

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Surrey Hughes

Hi Rasa, I live and work in Western Australia. I am very experienced in data import and validation. Most recently (ended in Dec 2015) I worked on the import of personnel and training records for the mining industry. Those records were presented in Excel files which were often manually created so column names would change, sometimes column position too (not to mention data quality issues). I had to verify the mandatory data was present, compare it to existing database records, perform some business logic to determine course to competency mapping and determine certification levels. This verified and mapped data then had to be inserted into production tables used by the mining company's personnel logistics system. Having read the attached PDF I can see the task is not trivial so quoting anything more than an hourly rate at this point is not possible. However I've never seen a software project that takes less than three months to deliver in full production ready state. This project might fall into that category but it could easily go double that just depending on communication / cooperation between stakeholders and how complete the business rules and data are.

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Aquip Analytics

Have experience with similar engagements before. Would welcome a discussion, although I am based in Perth.

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[Deleted user]

Hi, I have already worked with data entry automation projects and strong experience in working with SQL. I am currently working in Melbourne CBD and living in Caulfield.

Deliver in 15 days

I'm currently an seasonal staff at Monash (Caulfield campus) with many years experiences in automate data processing and verification specially in Transport data.

I'm looking forward to further discussion with you.

Estimated 48 hours

I am an IT professional with years of experience. I have projects for insurance companies and hospitals under my belt and I believe I can complete this task properly and on schedule.

Although I am based in Sydney, I'll be happy to come to Melbourne, at least one meeting before we start will be necessary and I would appreciate it if I were able to work alongside your team, should I need any assistance incorporating the solution into your systems.

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Victory iSolutions

I have done similar work in Healthcare IT,HIS and EMR systems. Please text me on 0405243252 or email me: manoah.m@Live.com for further discussions.

Thank you.

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Anh Tuan

I'm an IT professional with more than 30 years experience from concept to final acceptance test. I'm Sydney based. I'm not working full time so I can devote my time on the project full time.

Estimated 120 hours
Anh Tuan

I think a Java-language program is sufficient to automate the verification of data. If this is the case then I'd like to offer my service.


This is not an easy job, as we have data coming from various hospitals, so many conditions need to be checked, etc. You will also need to make sure that SQL can talk to Excel. One patient may have multiple data. eg. John Smith might have two transfusions and three tests, etc.

Riyanal Chea

I believe c# and .net would do the job. Can I see the flow chart and description of the process before I can estimate the time and cost?


Sirius Cybernetics

Your project description indicates that there is a flow chart and description attached. I cannot see any attachments. Am I missing something obvious?