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This Project is only for highly skilled and talented developers. This is Stage one of a multi stage development project We require a site built from the ground up we, do not want to use Wordpress Joomla or any other CMS.

To be awarded stage one of the project you must be able to construct a complex database and back end code the site to a high standard. All code must be well structured and easy to read. We are happy to have the site constructed using a framework but you must be able to show that you are an expert with the framework. We will use multiple milestones for the project to ensure each stage is complete before moving on to the next.

The site will require a tripadvisor style user and administration platform that will allow users to review, Businesses to reply and also full administration features for management of the site.

Stage 1 of the project will not include UX/UI as this will be part of later stages of the project.

For this stage we are only looking for backend code and database. To be able to receive a complete payment you will need to deliver a usable example that will be tested for functionality. The site must be designed to handle a high volume of traffic. You must be prepared to sign an NDA to be awarded the project. Full details will be given to a shortlist of Freelancers that we will then Choose who we use.

If you have read the whole description please start your bid with the word "Kythan" The site will include but is not limited to -A usable admin interface that will be able to run reporting tasks. -User Accounts including customers, businesses and administrators -Highly functional search facility -Provision for bulk upload of CSV data to create user accounts. -The Ability for Customers to Lodge reviews and ratings, Business to respond and reply and for administrators to be able to moderate.

We have a very clear vision of what we want to achieve and will not make progress payments until we are 100% satisfied with the progress.

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[Deleted user]


Hi Nathan,

It's definitely a struggle to find quality developers on Freelance markets. That's partially due to the pool of freelancers and partly due to the type of projects that are posted here - they encourage the fly-by-night freelancers who have no commercial or enterprise experience (usually limited to building a contact form on a micro/small business website)., usually claiming to be a "small business", or "boutique agency" when in reality it's just one self-taught person who built a few information websites in Wordpress.

Another key problem to the delivery of projects here is that everyone is a "jack of all trades". In this industry it's just not possible to be a high quality graphic designer for creating the visual design of the website, while also being an expert Front-End Developer who's able to implement those visual designs - and also maintaining a specialisation in Back-End Development across the myriad of web frameworks. Anyone who claims they can do all three is kidding themselves and will always deliver subpar work.

My name's Matt. I've been coding as long as I can remember (over 16 years?). 6 years ago I started a web design company. 3 years ago I closed that down to work at Collabforge as the Technology Lead, delivering enterprise-grade web applications and web platforms for Federal Government (as well as not-for-profits, State, Local, Government-funded organisations, and of course the private sector). I consider myself highly skilled, abreast of all the latest IT trends and more.

Right now I'm doing freelance work after-hours and on weekends, for two reasons. One, my day job demands I focus on IT strategy, product development, sales, project management, team management and more - I love coding, and I want to get back to that in my free time. Two, I enjoy working on mentally stimulating projects and choose my projects carefully (I often turn away simple small business website development jobs, opting for web applications and web platforms which - to me - are a joy to work on).

The real selling point for me, though, is that you’re going to get an agency-quality service. My life partner happens to be a senior front-end developer by trade, and I am (by trade) a senior back-end developer. We also work with a couple of very, very skilled and well-known graphic designers to deliver epic quality for our clients. You’re getting an agency-like service for half, or less, of the cost. The only caveat - which I’ll leave you to consider - is that we’re instead doing the work on weeknights and full-time on weekends (for large projects we’ll reduce our days at work to help you out). For this project, maybe it will just be me (mostly) working but it’s good to know we can offer the full suite.

Anyway - I’ve probably bored you enough! Let me know if you’re interested and I’m happy to send through some relevant client examples as well as discuss timeframes and budget.

Cheers! Matt

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Xtreme Soft Solutions


Hi Nathan,

I am Maddy from Xtreme Soft Solutions, a boutique digital agency based here in Melbourne. We are a group of highly experienced professionals in custom designed / developed web applications with complex functional requirements to meet high volumes of traffic.

We primarily use Zend Framework / PHP for back-end development and Angular.js for front-end work. Happy to sign an NDA before we start discussing about your project requirements.

We would be able to provide you with either a fixed / hourly bid upon discussing and finalising the scope of the project.

We would be able to provide you with many references of our similar past projects and due to some NDA's we have signed with our clients, we are not allowed to list them on our website. If interested, please contact us on our email: info@xtremeweb.com.au

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Maddy E: madhuraka@xtremeweb.com.au W: www.xtremeweb.com.au

Estimated 1 hour
[Deleted user]


Estimated 1 hour
Webwidget Pty Ltd


Hey there Nathan. Reading through your description I would be happy to quote you and build your application. Having many years of experience building PHP applications we have developed core libraries and used many well supported frameworks to build very robust and reliable applications.

We are midway through a SAAS project at present, which builds upon a multistage development timeline. We are experienced in many aspects of the development timeline and use some great features to stage and develop key components of projects. We have experience in using Git to house repository code for clients. This allows multiple stages of development to key performance indicators.

If you have more questions please feel free to contact us to discuss more. We are more than happy to sign a NDA and be part of the development cycle.

Estimated 0 hours
[Deleted user]

Kythan. Hi Nathan, my team and I have created complex backend code and databases for several other projects and thus I am confident in placing this bid. I do not have a price/quote that I can tell you upfront as it would depend on the specifics of the project albeit you have provided a brief description. I am happy to sign an NDA with you so that you can provide us more details on the project. San, Web Network

Estimated 1 hour
CJ Software Solutions


Hi Nathan,

I am a local Australian freelancer who specialises in ASP.NET MVC web application development and have created many solutions like the one you require. I have architected highly scalable systems, I single-handedly built a web system for an ASX listed company that now has 700k subscribers - see my portfolio. I am currently employed as the company's software development manager.

The scope your project covers is part of my everyday role at work.

I would be happy to sign an NDA and to provide examples of similar applications I have developed. Happy to produce a prototype if you like. Once I get a better understanding of your full scope of work, I am more than happy to provide you with a more accurate estimate in terms of cost.

Kind regards, Charles

Estimated 20 hours
David Impey - Web & App Developer


Hi Nathan,

I specialise in ASP.NET MVC application development and have created several solutions like the one you require, using design patterns providing well-structured and easy to maintain architecture such as generic repositories, unit of work and services, together with database development using Entity Framework and Migrations. I have experience in providing numerous levels of application security through user roles, defensive programming techniques and appropriate client and server-side validation and develop with performance and scalability in mind using optimised data-retrieval and caching strategies. I have integrated both MVC and WebAPI backends with AngularJS frontends and have worked with CSV data on numerous occasions.

I would be happy to sign an NDA and to provide examples of similar applications I have developed or produce a small proof-of-concept. I am also happy to provide a fixed estimate for this and further stages of the project once further information has been provided.

Kind regards David

Estimated 40 hours
Bilal Abdeen

Kythan. This (a proof of reading the description) is a smart idea!!!

I have more than 20 years of experience, most of which are related to databases and analytics. Recently, I started working in some entrepreneurial projects. I will be more than happy to work with you in achieving your business goals. Because of other commitments, I can invest around 20 hours a week on your project.

Please, check my linkedin profile and the following 2 websites, which focus on handling data.

  1. http://walatehtar.com
  2. http://ekafel.org
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/in/BilalAbdeen

Obviously, the estimated number of hours is arbitrary.

Estimated 60 hours
IT Sourcing

Hi Nathan,

I have read your job description and I am confident on my skills to provide you the web application as per your requirement. We have already developed many Australian Enterprise apps (signed NDA) that manage bulk data API's. We have also developedmany SMS Portals that send hundreds of requests.

Few questions: You have not clearly define the scope of work and without scope its not possible for us to give you exact quote and time to build the backend and database.

For CMSyou mentioned that you dont want Wordpress or Joomla. For a custom CMS do you prefer the app to be build in PHP or .Net or any other language?

Our portfolio: http://itsourcing.com.au/portfolio

We are a team of .net, PHP, and mobile developers, working from the past 8 years and developing and designing websites, mobile apps and softwares with success for our prestigious customers. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and let me work for you to win your confidence on me.

P.S. I just gave you the rough idea for time and give you hourly rate as the scope is not et clear so we can negotiate on it after discussion. Many Thanks IT Sourcing Australia

Estimated 90 hours
Henrique Santos


Hi, Nathan! My team is perfectly able to develop your needs, since we have more than 10 years of experience in digital development. However, we see by your description that some details need to be clarified in order to create a correct alignment of expectations and delivery. Since you mentioned your focus only in backend, but being it a model which could be tested for functionality, we consider it actually a frontend material. Did you mean a browseable wireframe? Depending on the website's size, the complexity can reach unfeasible results, so this value of bid is just a reference, and we put ourselves totally available for more details if you're interested in working with us!

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Lighthouse Information Technology


Hello Nathan,

My name is Andrei Klubis. I have extensive hands on experience over 20 years in designing and delivering complex Internet and enterprise level solutions. I can design, code and support virtually any complexity system on budget and value. Please check my LinkedIn profile. I have a team of highly skilled Russian developers. I hope to hear from you soon.

Deliver in 20 days
Jyoti khanchandani


Hi Nathan,

Hope this note finds you well.

Nathan, I have read your requirements and I can deliver the backend as per your requirements. Happy to sign NDA and get full details about the project and discuss the options for project delivery, milestones etc.

About Me:

I am Jyoti Khanchandani, a MicroSoft Certified Professional Developer with more than 10 years of hands experience in MicroSoft technologies, specialising in MVC, ASP.NET, C#, AngularJS, KnockOut etc. I have used SQL server as backend.

Feel free to reach me in case you have any questions about my skill set or experience, happy to have a Skype call or GTalk call to discuss things in further details.

Looking forward to hear from you and take the discussion further.

With thanks, Jyoti

Estimated 80 hours
Perceptive Mind


Hi Nathan, i build similar apps with complex database and reusable efficient code on a daily basis. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio and testimonials on my website: perceptivemind.com.au

Kind regards, Nick

Deliver in 30 days
[Deleted user]

Hi Nathan,

I have a team of experienced developers and can get your work done as per expectation. To ensure the work credibility, I can also sign up an contract for the project.


Deliver in 30 days
Blitzm Systems Pty Ltd

Hey Nathan, My team has worked on several projects in this space recently. We've developed a foundation which includes advertisements, messaging, payments, notifications, user accounts and more. My team and tech will save you months of development effort and you will benefit from work we are already doing in this area. Cheers, James.

Estimated 120 hours


Hi Nathan,

I am a php based developer but do a lot of devOps engineering including CI and version control, also have many experiences in backend system. I am a backend developer and architect for DB design as well.

Previously I have done many backend user management system using Zend and extjs, now moving to do with laravel, symfony based backend application and fully restful SOA design as well. Also have touched with MEAN(mean.io) stack.

I have experienced to design around 500 tables with complex user and payment system, not sure it is big or not but fully understand of RDBMS(mysql, mssql) and also NoSql(mongo db).

You don't need to start from the scratch, we may have the basic infrastructure from a various framework then we will add all features over that.

currently I have finished one project (based on laravel + vuejs(similar to angular) by 4 months and client is happy. also various small web site using wp and mobile application experiences(http://elluminati.com.au)

Pls refer to my profile on https://au.linkedin.com/in/songdanny

If any interests and question about my quality, pls feel free to ask me (I am based in Sydney)

Best regards,

Danny Song

Estimated 450 hours