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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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Create a web based Work Order system to monitor and track maintenance. Requires the program to recognise the equipment by make and model, and review a pdf file to advise the work that needs to be done. Project is around 15 screens including the login screens and interfacing with an SQL database.

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Leon D.
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Submitted 23 Jan 2018 at 01:34
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Vnnovate Solutions Australia

Hi Leon,

Thanks for sharing your requirements here on Ozlance.

Based on the provided description, it seems like a user can input the make and model (of a vehicle/equipments/instruments presumably?). On the basis of an excel sheet/csv file, the system should return a pdf file that carries description of the vehicle and the type of work required.

A few questions based on initial review are as follows:

Will there be a functionality to store when the last maintenance was done? Provide reminders on timely basis on which vehicles/instruments require maintenance based on when the last maintenance was carried out and when next are they due? Is there a preference of a specific Platform you would like this solution be delivered?

It would really be helpful to have the screens to be able to give you a precise estimate on time and cost to deliver this assignment.

If required, we are happy to sign up a NDA to go ahead with sharing requirement specs with my team.

Please feel free to share further details on the e-mail ID below.

We look forward to working with you as your own team.

Thanks for taking the time to go through our bid.

Warm Regards, Andy andy@vnnovate.com

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Hi Leon . Viki here

I would be glad to help you. I can work on this very quickly for you - this coming Monday or before if need be.

I am part of a team of experienced software (WEB) developers in Melbourne. I have over 12 years’ experience.

Based on your description above, I suspect this may take few weeks to resolve. However I would like to discuss further to ensure my understanding is correct.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call. Or email me on rtrivedi@icalit.com or rinku.trivedi1987@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, Viki

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Bode Contagion

Good afternoon Leon,

Melbourne based company here. Please send me a private message with details of the project to start discussing your aims and business requirements.

Based on the number of screens and on the limited understanding of the concept, we estimate a project time frame of 2-3 months from commencement of development, but we'll need to be in touch to get you a more accurate project proposal/statement of work.

We will look at building this project on Laravel for the application foundation, unless new information suggests we should use something else.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Satoshi Payne Founder & Director @ Bode Contagion Pty Ltd

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Clavax Technologies

Hi Leon,

Trust you are doing well!

As you have mentioned, you want to create a Web Based Order system to monitor and track maintenance . We can showcase our core competencies for the same.

I would like to let you know that we provide end-to-end solutions of building Enterprise CMS development, Web/system or Mobile applications, right from designing of UI/UX, front & back-end development, cloud deployment, database modeling and development, Big Data services, IT Support on the project-to-project basis

So, we can surely facilitate a Senior resource for continuous work. I can share some more details if you allow :)

Also thinking to call you for more clarity, Kindly advise when I can call you ?

Kindest Regards, Rohit Prashar Tel: +61 2 8318-7634

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Hi Leon,

We have product solution which you can be used as a SASS. It does have a small fee per month. We can do a customized version for you as well. It will cost you AUD 200 per month for the customized solution. alankaratech.com

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Iam a freelance web developer based in Melbourne with over 6 years of experience developing websites. I have developed many websites with customized modules similar what you have described in your ad. Although I would need more details and info about your requirements and specifications for this feature, at this stage I think I can develop your website using Laravel which is a PHP framework that I would recommend for implementing this feature on a website. I charge on an hourly rate of $24/hour, so depending on the work needed for your website I can give you an overall estimate of the costs involved.

My plan of action for your website would be,

-> Understand your business and identify your requirements/business needs

-> Finalize the key features and functionalities of the website

-> Finalize the template and design/layout of the website

-> Finalize the project milestones and sketch out a time frame for completion

-> Start Development

-> Test and deliver initial prototype for feedback

-> Implement feedback and test again (repeated as many times as necessary)

-> Finish and Deliver the website

Other services that I can offer you

->SEO analytics

->Digital Marketing

At this stage it is hard to estimate the total hours I would need to finish the website(but if it is just a multi vendor site and an automated payment system probably ~140 hours), I will need a bit more info on your business and what you expect from the website. I would like to discuss this project further, let me know if you need any more info from me, I can also give you examples of my previous work if needed. Look forward to hearing you, Thank you.

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Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Leon,

My name's Jay and I am an 9+ years experienced web/app developer. I would like to discuss further about your project so that I can submit you a detailed quote.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call . It would be great if you could text me your email address so I can send my work samples for your review .

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards Jay 0451657071

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Michael Coxon

Hi Leon,

I am an experienced developer of both websites and back end systems, I have integrated with dozens of database systems. There is nothing in this job that looks too hard to do. Let me know if you would like to discuss this further. The bid is based on creating a smoke and mirrors demo.

Deliver in 14 days

Hi Leon, I should have no problem to complete this project for you. Could you please provide some more information about the 15 screens that you require. I have first hand experience with Oracle JD Edward ERP software for work order management in large organisations.

Estimated 80 hours

Hi Leon,

I can provide you the Laravel based solution for your web based Work Order system. I have expertise building web applications and can provide you fully functional application with in a month.

I look further hearing from you so that we can start working soon.

Please feel free to call me at 0420400163 to discuss more about the project and when we can start working.

Best regards, Nabin

Deliver in 30 days

Hi Leon,

I am a very experienced programmer especially PHP and Laravel, mysql. I have so many experienced with those kind of UX and backend programming, also I may have many prototypes for you to be startred such as admin system.

I can make all your job as easy as possible with my best consultation and we could opt the very best solution and give it a go.

I am also front end stack developer such as angular, vuejs as well as nodejs experience, and apache2 and nginx for server side. just versatile as I describe myself.

please also find my profile at linkedin and my site: http://www.softclouds.net/projects/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/songdanny/

Hope we could talk more about the system.

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smartData Enterprises

Hi Leon,

We have developed couple of similar systems i.e. Asset Management and their Inspection/Maintenance for different business industries i.e. Facility Management, Energy Industry and Healthcare as well. We are proficiency in developing both web and mobile app solutions.

We are comfortable in scheduling demonstration of reference systems as next steps. And based on that you can make your further decision.

Following are my contact details and will look forward to your response: email: rahulsh@smartdatainc.net Mobile: 0406 399 530

Best Regards, Rahul

Deliver in 90 days

I can do it with asp.net c# mvc based website or angular with c# backend, SQL database. Can advise on a hosting. Let's discuss the requirements further.

Estimated 80 hours
Whitetower Digital

Hi Leon,

We can definitely build you a system that tracks and monitors your maintenance services. We've built tools that have automated a lot of workforce solutions for our clients, such as technician applications to replace paper based forms, automated reporting and member portals to track quality control reports.

It'd be great to have a chat with you, we're a locally based company in Sydney, Australia and are confident we can deliver a great result for this project. We'd need to review your screens, brief and help you come up with a full list of functional requirements before diving into development.

Deliver in 30 days
Australian Custom Software Pty Ltd t/a ThinkSoft

G’day, my background is large scale engineering incorporating maintenance and ERP management. For the last 30 years I have been designing and developing software systems in a wide variety of languages (including php) and database systems including SQL.

The request to monitor and track maintenance is very open however, all maintenance requires a nominated time, duration, frequency and recurrence, along with instructions, parts, tools and possibly images to display the location of the item being maintained. The instructions in this case are nominated as a PDF printout.

Depending on the complete requirements and the current state of the project, this application. Hold be better built in Filemaker for desktop, web, mobile and cloud based application, allowing remote connection via phone, tablet or laptop on location, accepting images and signatures. Filemaker is extremely fast for development and depending on the complete requirements, OTS packages could be available at a more reasonable rate than a custom built system.

Please contact me by email at tony.harris@thinksoft.com.au The estimate of hours is irrelevant without clear scope of works.

Estimated 100 hours

Hi Leon

I would certainly like to discuss your project with you further, to get a better understanding about your requirements and how we can fulfil these. if you can provide some contact details that would be great.

Kind Regards Josh

Leon D.

Please call me on 0412 372 122

Australian Custom Software Pty Ltd t/a ThinkSoft

Is the SQL database already built ? Or is it to be built as part of this project?

Is there a specific requirement that this DB be SQL or could it be something else?

Is there a specific requirement to use php as the programming language?

Does the project already have hosting ? Publicly available?

Is the project fully documented for scope, expected reporting, user interface, etc?

Is the person responsible for this project available during business hours for AEST?

Is access to the maintenance system to be public or is it only available inside a workshop / company?

Is the maintenance system to store details about the job afte completion , including images of what has been done?

Has an evaluation been done between an “Off the shelf” package and a custom built system?

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WeiTech Development

Hi Leon,

I run consulting business that spacialises in application development which includes web base or desktop base business applications. I am a registered Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

I would like to offer your my development services. Please contact me to discuss your requirements, so that I can provide you with a free estimate for your project. Please visit my web site for more information about my business at http://www.weitech-development.com.au.

Regards, David.