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I own a web development company and have recently outsourced the development of a plugin. The team working on this project seem to be struggling with the finer functionalities and I need a second opinion as I might miss my deadline. The plugin is part of a website I am developing.

I would like to have an experienced coder to go into the back-end of the site, with the instructions I will provide, have a look at the code for the plugin and then give me an estimate of what it would cost me to to finish the plugin as soon as possible.

I am prepared to pay for up to two hours of work for the relevant coder to enter the site back-end, assess the situation and give me a quote for the rest of the work needed.

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Willem B.
Joined Mar 2017
Submitted 1 Mar 2017 at 21:30
Expired 2 years ago
Bidding guide $10 - $30
Average bid $100.00

entourage digital

Hi Willem,

Would be happy to have a look.

let me know when works best for you.

cheers, Steve

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