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I need someone with Joomla experience to convert a phone number which is currently displayed as an image on an existing website to code so that Google can add a tracking tag to it to monitor PPC results. The site also needs to have an award uploaded.

Need done urgently. Please reply with your hourly rate, estimated hours to complete, and your experience with similar work.

Thank you. Erin

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Hi Erin, What you've described sounds fairly simple. I've worked with several Joomla sites before, you can see an example at robogals.org

When you say you need an award uploaded, I am assuming you mean an image of an award.

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I am 39 years old. I have been building websites since my early 20's (over 15 years). I first became employed as a web developer in 2002 for a well known search engine submission software company called Trellian:


For Trellian, I looked after the entire front end of their flagship website, and helped with the maintenance or creation of many of their smaller properties, in one way or another. I hand coded the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. I liaised with 14 in-house translators to also generate 14 language versions of their website(s). I also liaised with clients to provide SEO advice, support and services. Trellian employed graphic artists, network administrators, professional marketers, back end programmers and software engineers - who I also liaised with in order to perform my role as the "front end guy". I did a lot of web graphic manipulation for template purposes too.

I left Trellian in 2004 to and wound up working (remotely) for a U.S. Company called Silicon Solar Inc:


I worked for Silicon Solar full time for about 5 years. When I started - Silicon Solar had a simple static website, with no includes - not even SSI, created with a WYSIWYG editor by the company founder. Upon being employed, I scrapped that website and hand coded a new (and much improved) website from scratch, I wrote the front end (XHTML, CSS), the back end (PHP), did all graphics, logos and much of the web copy. I was also responsible for the SEO, SEM, and had some of the top rankings in the United States, including #1 for "solar panels". I cannot provide exact details about how much money the site made (due to privacy) -- however, during my time working for Silicon Solar, the website went from making thousands per day to tens of thousands per day. I was also responsible for running the server, setting up emails accounts, installing eCommerce carts, SSL, creating sub domains, etc. Basically, I was responsible for the entire online presence. The server, front end, back end, SEM, SEO, graphics, copy -- everything. I easily saw six figures worth of combined sales run through the site (per year) while I worked on/administered it. I built and maintained it all - from scratch.

I have worked and gained experience online as a freelancer. You can see my account here. I have a fantastic reputation. I made everyone who hired me happy:


I also worked for the Bing search engine (Microsoft, through a subsidiary: iSoftStone), last year, as a search engine judge. My role was to manually review the contents of URL's and analyse them in regards to the latest headlines, trending topics, blog posts and articles - and make a decision on how relevant a certain URL is in relation to a particular search term. iSoftStone gave me access to Microsoft software, Microsoft's intranet and administrative tools to be able to complete the objectives to perform the tasks that they gave me.

I have also built many websites and marketing experiments for myself; some with great success. I make these sites because I genuinely enjoy it. It's a passion and hobby for me to see how many hits I can get on a website from launching a viral idea with almost no supporting promotion.


HTML/XHTML/HTML5: 100% - I don't use WYSIWYG software. I hand code everything.

CSS/CSS3: 100% - I can write W3C compliant, cross browser friendly, search engine friendly code with my eyes closed. I can make a website look as if it was created with images - with nothing but CSS.

Cross Browser Issues: 100% - I can solve anything. I can make every website look and behave the same in every browser.

[removed] 80% - It doesn't matter what JS functionality you need, I can get it implemented. If I can't write it, I can look something up and modify it. Or even find a workaround.

PHP: 90% I can write a website in PHP from scratch. I am so proficient in PHP, using sessions and cookies that I can even create a fully functional member based website using nothing but PHP and text files --- not even a MySQL database. Most of my (hundreds of) "experiments" were created this way. Quick and dirty (but actually pretty powerful) flat file databases, implemented just to observe the outcome of a marketing idea.

MySQL(implementation): 100% - I can create databases, install any script problem solve and modify things no problem.

Graphics: 60%-90% I can make/modify pretty much any kind of image that is required for the web. I can make logos, modify images, create graphics for web templates (as well as write the HTML and CSS to implement the code, pixel perfect). I do not use Photoshop. I use GIMP (which is a very powerful software). I know the difference between a .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp and what they are for, etc. I know about layering for creating graphics. I give myself a 60% score as a graphic artist -- but for web purposes, I am about 95%. Note: a graphic artist that knows little HTML could never code/splice a web template from a PSD template to the quality that I could, because I know how to hand code certain parts of the graphics so that CSS is used instead of images. Cross browser compatibility, and even SEO (page loading speed) is also an issue. When it comes to graphics, there's more than one way to skin a cat. I am great with graphics "for web purposes".

SEO: 99% I understand and live SEO, keyword research, keyword density, readability, page bounce rate, etc. I know how to make websites diplomatic for search engines. I know what organic links are and why they're necessary. I know how to avoid being banned or penalised by search engines. If there's one thing I know - it's SEO. Again, I got #1 for "solar panels" for the US market (and many other similar #1 terms); which made the company a lot of money!

SEM: I know all about PPC advertising, search term research, website buzz, toolbars, tracking, how search engines monitor traffic etc. This is what Trellian (the first company I was a web developer for) is an industry leader in. Plus, I learned a lot as a BING judge. I know what search engines look for - and why. This is valuable knowledge.

Copywriting/Wordsmithing: I am very good at writing copy that can both sell, as well as remain diplomatic with search engines - while maintaining readability. I have been writing web copy for over 15 years. I know what a page is supposed to do and how to write content to make it perform.

Social Networks: I am extremely familiar with facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, reddit, etc. I know how to generate web traffic from these extremely powerful sources, by writing articles on trending topics and then posting those topics on facebook and twitter along with the appropriate hashtags, etc. I can easily generate 100 unique visits per day to any new website, right off the bat from social networks. Given a few weeks, I can turn that into thousands per day - no problem. I am also well versed with how YouTube and Vimeo works. I am also well versed with facebook and twitter widgets and how to implement them into any website, whether it be a hand coded website or a WordPress website.

Estimated 80 hours