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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual

This project requires a skilled programmer and developer who will be able to put together a complex and multi faceted webpage. While an initial design and idea exists, the individual will need to work intensively to produce something of high technical quality. This could require individual input, so the ability to think outside the box and take initiative will be highly regarded.

Depending on results, the option for further work or input could arise.

Requested by
Anastasia B.
Joined Jun 2017
Submitted 4 Jun 2017 at 09:22
Expired 4 years ago

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The digital dresser

Do you have any specs/design/ concept to offer ?

Karaa Digital

I have emailed you expression of interest. Could you pls respond to progress this opportunity.

Hi anastalia, kindly refer to my proposal email from my id. thanks. Prashant VOT technologies

Steve Turner Art and Design

Hello Anastasia 

My name is Steve Turner, I am mature age and reside in Adelaide South Australia

Am certainly interested in the details of your web project and would greatly appreciate receiving the details of the overall scope of what you require! The project sounds like an involved one so I would assume that a time frame for completion would require approximately 28 days. Depending on the complexity of the project I would open with a minimum bid of $2000.