Web Socket Multiplexing

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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Full time

More details will be provided after signing confidentiality agreement, but a high level summary is as follows:

  • splitting & streaming a single video stream via multiple web socket connections, multiple browsers over multiple screens (similar to a video wall)
  • This will require backend and front end development work
  • There may be a need to write a browser plugin / extension for customising the user experience

Required Skills: C/C++, CMake, Client-Server architectures, JavaScript, Angular JS & Angular 2+ Socket Programming & Competent with Linux

Requested by
Paul V.
Joined Jun 2018
Submitted 13 Jun 2018 at 02:55
Expired 6 years ago

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Hi Paul,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number please ? I'm equally excited to work on your requirement and ready to sign the confidential agreement.

Cheers! Rohit +61 2 83187634 rohitp@clavax.com

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