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I need someone who can use wordpress and mailchimp. I have developed an app that will be on the apple app store and the android app stores and this is how i need to market it. The app has been approved and is ready for release but i need to build my list before i release it. I do not want to buy lists. I have attached the 3 squeeze pages. I would like them made into 3 extra pages on my website with "Register here" and I would like to be able to track which one gets the most clicks or registrations. I will be sharing the squeeze pages on Facebook etc. This is to build my subscriber list. I also have a marketing page on my website that I would like the subscriber to be directed to and I would like to be able to send all subscribers a free PDF. I have created a mailchimp account for you to work with. I would like adwords and pixeling set up, I don't know anything about this stuff and am not sure of the cost of adwords, can you please advise me. I also need one of my support pages on my website hidden and only visible for people who click the link from the app store. Is this possible? It is only the squeeze page and mailchimp set up that i need done urgently, as in today! I will also need app store badge put onto 2 of my websites in about a week to comply with Apple regulations. The other stuff can take a few days.

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