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I need to make the website www.calmgenes.me appeal to clients, the layout needs to flow better, the banner using slider revolution be compelling. I need someone with creative flair to convert the website into a classy, professional website. Use the existing content, we provide the images, just make changes to the homepage first then other 3-4 webpages. Use the existing betheme template. Make it appealing & compelling with CTA's links on homepage. Quote per page or task. Staged approach preferred to keep it affordable

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Hills Websites

Hi Peter I run a Sydney based website development business called Hills Websites You can view my site here: www.hillswebsites.com.au I can have that home page re done in a day, for my advertised cost, and then we can work on the following pages which will be a lot cheaper per page than the home page. I look forward to hearing how i can help.

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Byte Studio Pty. Ltd.

We are a professional small business in website design agency. We design and re-design the websites for our clients based on different platforms including wordpress. We could provide the homepage draft within 7 days and then discuss about further modification. Please feel free to contact me for more details. http://www.bytestudio.com.au/portfolio

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IT Sourcing

Hi Peter,

I have read your job requirement and I am confident o my skills to provide you the professional and captivating website home page design that may appeal your customers.

We may first send you the mockup of home page and after your approval will start development using the existing theme you already have.

Our portfolio: http://itsourcing.com.au/portfolio/

Working from the past 8 years, designing and developing websites, softwares, apps for our prestigious customer with success. We have team of designers and developers so can provide you quality work on time We aim to provide complete satisfaction through our quality work.

Feel free to ask me if you have any problem. P.S. We can negotiate on price.

Many Thanks IT Sourcing Australia

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Keith Rana


I am ready to start this work from now. I have more than 6 years of professional developing experience and advanced computer skills. I have done the projects in core php, codeignitor, Javascript, Symfony PHP, Cake PHP, Smarty, Opencart, Joomla, API development, Oscommerce, Bigcommerce, Salesforce CRM, Laravel, Shopping cart related work, Only backend work, Drupal, Prestashop, Android apps, IOS apps and many more other works. Please let me know about your point of view about this.


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Eklektik Creative

Hi Peter, Thank you for the opportunity to quote on your wordpress design project. A little about what I can offer you - as a graphic artist and web designer who specialises in wordpress design, I can offer you not only years of experience but a quality finished design with an efficient fast turn around. I am a very thorough and creative designer who gives every job I take on 110%, taking the time to really understand the needs of my clients to enable me to deliver an outstanding product.

The bid I have offered is for the homepage design, as you requested a stage approach. Please see below the stages and costing for the overall job:

Stage 1: homepage updates $650

  • involves updating the homepage to appeal more to clients, make the layout flow and the banner more compelling working within the current theme. Be Theme is a very diverse theme that offers a ton of customisation capability so to complete the aforementioned changes within this theme should not be a problem.

Stage 2: About Us page update $250

  • Apply the changes that we have established from our homepage overhaul to the about us page. Make the text more compelling and interesting.

Stage 3: Calm Program page update $250

Stage 4: Genetics page update $250

Stage 5: Blog page update $250

Please feel free to review some websites I have designed recently: http://www.cremornephysio.com.au - a brief very similar to yours Cremorne Physio wanted a complete site overhaul to appeal more to their visitors and to convert more visitors into clients.



Do not hesitate to contact me via email at alex@blinkgraphixdesign.com, if you have any questions. If you would like to speak via phone just send me a message with your details and I will give you a call. Kind regards, Alex

. ……………………………………………………………………………………

Alexandra Woolcott | Blink Graphix Design | email: alex@blinkgraphixdesign.com

Deliver in 7 days

Hi sir, i have 6 years experience in wordpress development.I can complete the requested changes in time.please consider my bid. thanks

Deliver in 21 days
[Deleted user]

Hi Peter, worked with you in the past and happy to provide my excellent service one again... love Wordpress and happy to help cheers Frank

Estimated 16 hours
Kyle Humphrys

Just out of university where wordpress blog was a massive part of our course. the knowledge is fresh and i am ready to go.

Deliver in 5 days
Steve Turner Art and Design

Hello :)

For web page mark up (coding and scripting) I began practicing HTML in 2004 (self-taught) and formally from 2010 when I began my Certificate/Diploma studies in Multimedia at Adelaide TAFE (completed 2013)*. I have advanced to to HTML5 and CSS3 as well as PHP/MySQL and JavaScript.

For web page design (graphic appearance)I began using Adobe Photoshop since 2007 privately and formally from 2010as mentioned above*. I have been using Adobe Illustrator since 2010 and work on individual projects using one or the other or both as required. Much the same with Adobe After Effects from 2009 privately and formally from 2010 combining the use of Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro as components of my motion graphics workflow!

I continued to work at my professional skills-set and haven't stopped doing so. Am currently half-way through NEIS: New Enterprise Incentive Scheme motivating me to organize and work at what I do in the creative commercial world. I place great store in attention to detail in all of my creative projects and my Web Page/Portfolio:


is presented as proof my accumulated experience and capability in web page mark up and design, image editing and graphic design as well as motion graphic design: animation! This link will take you to YouTube will take you to my motion graphics:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCACw4Pz3mwmQmxAtp7h1shA best viewed in 720p HD

On top of this I am a musician with my own home studio using Finale/Reason/Cubase/Audition and can combine both animation with sound to enhance the projects 'atmosphere'.

I'm from Australia and hope you will consider my bid!


Steve Turner :)

Deliver in 12 days
First Five Eight Media

Are you looking to increase the number of site visitors into Calm Genes Program Members? Each client is worth $1,900 correct? You need to tailor your landing page using a conversion checklist that makes site visitors want to buy. There is a science behind on-line advertising and landing page design and what you require is more people interested in topics relevant to your product and service visiting a landing page focused on converting them to customers. My bid needs to be revised over a phone call and is only a placeholder based on your product value

Deliver in 20 days
Nirmal Web Studio

Hi Peter,

We are professional web designers based in Sydney. As we specialise in User Interface design, we are confident to make a professional design for you. Please see our recent portfolio to get idea about our work - http://www.nirmal.com.au/web-design-and-development-portfolio/

Deliver in 21 days
Hayden Bech

Hi Peter, Here's what I've picked up so far from your brief and from looking over the Calm Genes website. I've given some advice below that you can take away from here and follow regardless of whether you choose me for your project.

WHY YOU'RE HERE You feel your current website isn't appealing to your clients and as a result your sales are being affected. It seems like you aren't happy with the existing design but you want to keep as much of it as possible to keep costs low.

WHERE YOU WANT TO BE At the end of this project you'll have a website that doesn't just look fantastic but is making great sales for the Calm Genes Program.

WHAT WE WANT TO DO To really increase sales we need to do more than improve the design. Here's a few tips to help you that will also guide my approach to your website:

  • Slider: Market research says that choosing your best image and your best headline sells better than a rotating slider of images and headlines. I'd like to use just the one banner.
  • Design: Split test your design. Come up with two variations of an element on your page and test which variation converts better. Drop the loser and come up with new variations to maximise your conversion rate.
  • Conversion: Turning a non-paying visitor into a paying customer is difficult, and the gap between $0 and $1900 is a huge jump for most people, especially considering that they're taking a risk if they don't know much about your company. Visitors that don't initially buy may never visit your website again.
  • Emails: Build trust over time using an email newsletter/auto-responder. Use emails and blog posts to establish yourself as an expert and provide a great deal of FREE information and value to prospective clients to build trust. Now they've moved from a visitor to a lead.
  • Products: Over email begin to offer smaller, bite-sized products and services at lower costs. Maybe you can package up one stage of your program as a trial, or sell a short ebook discussing the benefits of the calm genes program. Provide something at a lower price to make the psychological jump to paying customer easier!
  • Social Media: Use social media as another channel to build yourself up as an industry expert and find interesting ways to keep the Calm Genes brand in the back of your potential clients' minds. Facebook is a good start.
  • Likes: Use Facebook Page Like ads to build your following. Be very clear about who your ideal client is and you'll not just sell better but the ads will cost less!
  • Traffic: Once you've built a following, start referring followers to your website using Facebook Website Click ads.
  • SEO: Make sure your site ticks all the boxes for search engines. In 2016 that means mobile compatibility, fast loading and an SSL certificate.

OPTION 1: Exactly what you asked for in the brief, plus various tests and quality assurances to ensure the design is mobile compatible, search engine friendly, loads quickly and converts well! This gets you the appealing design you want plus ensures an improvement in sales. OPTION 2: The design improvements in Option 1, plus a social media and google adwords campaign to boost traffic, and an email campaign to boost conversions. This will lead to large improvements in sales overall.

WHAT WE'LL BE PREPARING FOR There are no guarantees in this industry, but here's some risks and how we can mitigate them:

  • Bad website conversion rates: Using Google Analytics and other tools, we can see what pages users commonly exit from, and optimise those pages. We'll also split test certain elements like headings and CTAs to find combinations that work the best.
  • Users aren't engaging with your ads? Split test your Facebook ads and run the ads that engage users the most. Find out the ideal times and days to be posting.
  • Bad email conversion rates: If users aren't converting from your emails, there are a few ways you can improve them. Are they targeting the ideal market? Are you offering high value without expecting anything in return? Are your emails too "salesy" initially? Is your stepping stone product attractive? Can you offer even more value for free? Special discounts?

WHY I'M BEST FOR THIS PROJECT I approach this project from the perspective of your business. While it's true you came looking for design help and I'll certainly provide it, it's clear that you're crying out for a website that makes you more money! I want to help your business succeed and I'm willing to go beyond the general web developer to get you there. I have the design and development skills to provide the quality website that you asked for but also the marketing skills to take it to the next level.

HOW I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU OPTION 1: I'll finish off the site so that it looks amazing, plays nicely with search engines, and loads quickly. I'll work with you to make your home page and your CTAs compelling, then after launch we'll run some split tests to find variations that convert well. If I can get just one additional visitor to convert each month that's $22,800 revenue for the year. Even if only one additional visitor converts, you've made back the cost of this stage. I've given you some tips to increase traffic through social media and conversions through email and you can try them out on your own.

OPTION 2: The design tweaks you've asked for are just the beginning. I'll set up an automated email marketing system to help you build long-term relationships with customers who might consider your program. I'll help you get past the "$0-$1900" psychological jump that may deter potential customers by creating a cheaper product or service to bridge the gap. If this process campaign entices just one more person to buy your program per month that's another $22,800 per year plus the revenue from the new product.

I'll guide you through the process of creating a social media campaign and work with you to design your first ads. Combine this with some Google AdWords and we can increase the traffic to your website. If we double the number of people visiting your website each month we also double the effectiveness of all our previous work too.

PRICING Option 1: $1900 Option 2: $3800 Work begins after 50% deposit has been paid. Feel free to contact me for more information. haydenbech@gmail.com

Deliver in 21 days