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We have a requirement to turn a Wordpress single-install into a multi-site install.

This is proving more difficult than first thought, particularly around mapping the domains.

Have you built a multi-site install before? Then get in touch. We're using one Wordpress / WooCommerce site, and creating a network of 2, then later 3 sites, ideally using the WooCommerce Multi-Site plugin to share products and inventories around the network.

Thanks Mark

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Mark D.
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Submitted 24 Aug 2016 at 07:08
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Zava Design

Hi Mark,

Happy to help you out on this, and happy to do the initial setup and explain how the rest will work easy enough before you pay me anything. Also if I do the initial multi-site setup and you think you can do the rest yourself happy to finish my involvement there just paying for my work until that point.

My bid below is based on a "guestimate" of migrating your site across to the multi-site install, but without knowing how complicated this site is I can't confirm it as the final price until I see the site.

This is me: zavadesign.com

And this is some of my recent work:

Happy to chat anytime, and any questions just ask!

Cheers, Dave Rooney zavadesign.com

Deliver in 7 days

Hi Mark,

I have experienced with building an multiple site in wordpress. As far as I know, install multi site has to be a fresh install that will be a lot better than modifying existing site to make a capabilities(I think it is not possible). also many exp with wordpress sites. customising within woocommerce, building a new plugin and modify the template are also not really matter to me.

Recently I have built a site within wordpress as below:

  1. http://safepestcontrol.net.au/
  2. http://rarebirdscon.com/
  3. http://staging.startup.business + infusionsoft: still ongoing
  4. http:// inspiringrarebirds.com
  5. http://dftax.com/stage: still ongoing

I have many servers, domain exps and have numerous of freelancers in my network. I could also give you an tips for the whole IT infrastructure if you want.

You can check my profiles and site at: http://softclouds.net https://au.linkedin.com/in/songdanny

I am based in Sydney and can call me for further discussion before proceeding.


Danny 0404026234

Estimated 48 hours