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need a literature reviews about A Topic is : IS MODERN TECHNOLOGY DESTROYING HUMANITY OR HELPING.

report should include introduction, literature review and conclusion.

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Shamsher M.
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Hello Shamsher,

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Hi Shamsher.

May I ask where this article will be published and in what context?

To be honest, almost anyone could churn out a 5000 word article in a couple of days full of "words" to fluff it out but which may not be fully accurate or engage the reader.

However I believe you are looking for more complexity and fact than that would produce.

I would expect to spend 15-20 hours researching the psychological impact on the human mind, based on current clinical opinion and could comfortably deliver a well researched, well written professional article using excellent grammar, punctuation and use of vocabulary within seven days.

If this interests you please feel free to contact me. If not, then I wish you all the best and would love to be directed to the finished product as this is something that genuinely interests me.

Thanks for reading! Kind regards Sharon

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Christopher Marcatili

I have a question about your job. When do you need this completed by?