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bs consulting has quoted $200.00
I am an experienced Business, Logistics and Supply Analyst that has provided Financial Analysis and Logistic and Inventory Planning and Forecasting to the utilities sector, to 3PL logistics providers in road transport, as well as to manufacturers and impo
10 hours ago P&L Financial review
has listed their portfolio
22 hours ago
listed their skills in
Unspecified location
listed their skills in
Unspecified location
listed their skills in
Unspecified location
listed their skills in
Unspecified location
Sharma Bullion listed their skills in Business Coaching
2 days ago Melbourne, VIC, Australia
MKH associates. has quoted $100.00
Currently consulting as CFO for a number of companies I am capable of completing all of your requests and more. Feel free to review my LinkedIn profile, I am also negotiable on rates if items are more of a
listed their skills in
Unspecified location
2 days ago
Hello, Thanks for taking a look at my profile! I'm a passionate filmmaker/storyteller/media creator who lives in Sydney. I love creating on purpose, creating agents of positive change, call to action content to make things better in society, that it
2 days ago Sydney, NSW, Australia
Di Hunt asked a question
Hi Jacqueline I would be eager to liaise with you regarding this position. I am very keen, and have many years experience in EA/PA type roles both remotely and on location. How can I contact you for discussing my very suitable skill set with you, oth
Intuition SofTech Australia has quoted $2,400.00
HI Greg, Steve from Sydney. I am currently doing all of these activities for few of my clients on daily basis and I can do the same for you. We can meet or talk over mobile and discuss this. I run fortnight sprints and keep you updated on your busi

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Why are freelance wages so cheap?

Generally, freelancers don't pay for staff, business rent, commuting costs or many other overheads, so they can keep their fees lower than a typical firm paying all of these expenses. By hiring a freelancer, you're cutting out all these added costs and just paying the basic hourly wage.

What fees are charged by OzLance?

$7 to post a project or job advert. That's it. If you don't find the right person for the job right away, you can re-list your job for no extra charge. OzLance charges no other fees.

Are freelancers good at what they do?

Like any recruitment process, you'll get great applications and probably a few lemons even though we actively try to keep the lemon quotient low. Some of our freelancers come from senior roles in reputable companies and others are new university graduates, the key is finding the right freelancer for your job. You can request work samples, resumes and qualifications to help make your choice easier.

How much will I save by hiring an OzLance Freelancer?

While it depends on the individual job, chances are the answer is a lot. You can view our pricing studies recommendations to find out more.

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