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3 hours ago Darwin, NT, Australia
Aurita asked a question
Hi Timothy, we're a small business based in Canberra that specialises in mobile app development and we have plenty of clients much further away than Sydney. We have very recent experience working with Google Maps and custom map pins etc and can build a pr
Relinns Technologies has quoted $12,000.00
Hi Courtney, Hope you are doing well. After reading job I am feeling really excited to be part of your project. I have readily available system and can show you working demo of the same. I have been fortunate to work with Manchester City FC, Ministr
Relinns Technologies has quoted $4,000.00
Hi Timothy, Hope you are doing well. After reading job I am feeling really excited to be part of your project. I have been fortunate to work with Manchester City FC, Ministry of Dubai, UCLA and Authentic Drilling. I am happy to share that some of the a
Citrusleaf Software listed their skills in Dart, Laravel, PHP, PostgreSQL
7 hours ago Unspecified location
I have more than three years in mobile application development. Currently I'm in Melbourne so it's easy to communicate. I have already made these kind of mobile application in my career.
Timothy M. requested assistance for App Developer for MVP Tester
We're looking for a developer to build an app with login capabilities and custom map pins from information in a database on Google Maps. Ideally users would be able to add information to the map pins. This app doesn't need to be flashy, it is a pr
11 hours ago Remote (anywhere)
Novus Altair has quoted $7,500.00
Hello George. Hope you are good! We understand what you are trying to develop and we can develop it for you because we have been developing not exactly the same but similar products for our clients so we understand the technicalities and other th
11 hours ago Stock and Shares app
VReal Soft has quoted $27,000.00
Hello, Hope you doing fine. I just read your job post and I would like to help you with the project. Let’s have a quick chat and discuss your project, then we can make a smart analysis and estimate of your future application to provide you with the
17 hours ago Plumpton, NSW, Australia
Ahmed Abdelrehim has listed their portfolio
1 day ago
Ahmed Abdelrehim listed their skills in eCommerce, WordPress
1 day ago Unspecified location

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Why are freelance wages so cheap?

Generally, freelancers don't pay for staff, business rent, commuting costs or many other overheads, so they can keep their fees lower than a typical firm paying all of these expenses. By hiring a freelancer, you're cutting out all these added costs and just paying the basic hourly wage.

What fees are charged by OzLance?

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Are freelancers good at what they do?

Like any recruitment process, you'll get great applications and probably a few lemons even though we actively try to keep the lemon quotient low. Some of our freelancers come from senior roles in reputable companies and others are new university graduates, the key is finding the right freelancer for your job. You can request work samples, resumes and qualifications to help make your choice easier.

How much will I save by hiring an OzLance Freelancer?

While it depends on the individual job, chances are the answer is a lot. You can view our pricing studies recommendations to find out more.

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