Marshall Hughes

Typical budget: $10,000-$25,000
Located in VIC, Australia

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I enjoy the challenge of making things happen.

I worked my way over 20 years from sales and customer service, to be Chief Operating Officer of Myfreight, one of Australia’s leading freight management companies.

I was a leader amongst my employees, often the first person they came to when needing help. Rather than giving the answer right away, I would ask them how they might fix it. And, if their solution was one that might work, we would give it a go.

My colleagues call me honest, creative, organised and balanced. I am a lateral thinker who has a knack for finding solutions to problems others don’t tend to think of.

I was integral in the creation and development of Myfreight, versions 1 and 2, a multi-award winning 3r​ d​ party freight management platform. With the massive shift to imports as our manufacturing economy changes, companies need to keep a constant eye on stock levels. Projects I am involved in are critical for many companies, and I am proud to be a part of them being developed and delivered on time.

Today, I am a young man with 20 years business experience, customer service and managerial skills aplenty.

Tomorrow I see myself leading world-changing projects, and teams of people helping me make stronger economies and companies.

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