SenseICT Pty Ltd
Enterprise Grade Managed ICT Solutions

SenseICT is a full service 'Technology as a Service' (TaaS) provider; allowing you to take care of your own business while we look after all your ICT needs including but not limited to:

  • ICT purchasing, leasing, and management including Laptops, Desktops, peripherals, printers, IP Telephones, and everything ICT.
  • Internal and hosted server and infrastructure solutions.
  • Internal network administration, rollout, and maintenance.
  • Cloud infrastructure rollout and management.
  • Enterprise & Business grade web hosting services.
  • Enterprise & Business grade email hosting services.
  • SSL/TLS Certificates, Identity verification, Code signing, Email signing, and Document signing.
  • Over 500 Top Level Managed Domain names, we can even look after your trademark protection for automation for your domain names.
  • Web Application Design & Development, we work with you to develop a web application or web app backed smart device application with the latest technologies and best practices.
  • E-Commerce hosting and automation including custom development to make your life easier.

You've got the option of taking on individual services and solutions, or having SenseICT take care of all your ICT needs, all in one place.

Today's ICT environment is complex and ever-changing, and with many working environments, this increases complexity even further.

From traditional offices to co-working, home offices and road warriors, we are increasingly dependent on our technology for our everyday lives.

SenseICT can help you adapt and keep up to date with the ever-changing and complicated field of ICT, providing a number of important services and solutions to keep you doing what you love to do.

We serve as both an ICT service provider and a TIO registered telecommunications provider, to help you meet the strategic requirements of your business through our end-to-end ICT solutions.

SenseICT is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge, providing and supporting our clients with the latest cost-effective and proven technologies, without having to invest heavily in your own internal ICT teams to build and maintain your solutions.

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