Wyari Pty Ltd
We provide Full Stack Development and Development Managment Services

We are extremely customer focussed developers and engineers with decades of experience working "hands on" at the detail level with software developers and hardware engineers but also working at the executive level managing large teams, defining corporate technology strategy and similar roles.

We have extensive experience in developing/ managing software and hardware projects from the small to large multi-year developments using internal and outsourced teams from all parts of the world as required to meet project deadlines, budget and similar objectives.

In addition we have significant experience with startup organisations through to major global corporations and government agencies.

In summary....

  • Software development (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, YII2 etc.).
  • Embedded software development (c, Perl, PHP, Meteorjs).
  • Digital hardware development (Atmel, PIC).
  • Management of technology teams local and global.
  • Embedded solution design and development.
  • Custom digital hardware Design.
  • Secure Data Networking.
  • Biometric solutions.
  • Physical security and access Control.
  • Electronic personnel & equipment tracking.
  • Prison access and visitor management.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Telecommunications providers (resellers and national carriers).
  • Retail solutions.
  • Electronic security.
  • Network (fixed & wireless) device monitoring.
  • Server hosting - including cloud and AWS
  • Telecommunications Billing, Provisioning
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