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I want to set up 5 basic websites. I am confused by the Go Daddy, Wix, Weebly, Wordpress etc and not sure the best and most cost effective way to go about it. I thought I could do it myself but it is a different world! There are so many offers and options and I don't have the knowledge to know which packages I need etc.

Looking for assistance in setting up 5 websites. These are pretty basic pages, blog and social media compatable, one of the websites will sell basic download ebooklets, paypal link, and of course SEO magic! Also looking for assistance in deciding on selecting domain hosting company and whether it makes any difference.

1 site will be a landing page only. 3 sites will be landing page and 2 or 3 extra pages 1 site will sell e books I am preparing

I want to try to have the sites up and running within 7-14 days. I will provide written content. 1 site will be

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Russell B.
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Jalpa Trivedi

Hi Russell,

This is Jalpa. I am an experienced software engineer and I have vast experience in software industry. I have implemented Microsoft Wiki pages and several Microsoft internal portals. I am happy to help choose which development environment use, web hosting and domain registration. I am also happy to show you my work.

Thank you, Jalpa rinku.trivedi1987@yahoo.com

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Michael Coxon

Hi Russell,

You have had a lot of responses, so plenty of people to choose from.

I have had over 20 years of experience in the software industry and am pretty confident that I know the lay of the land. I can help you make informed choices, I can build enough to get the job done now, while leaving room for options later.

I can't quote or give time estimates yet, because we'd need to have a conversation to tie a few things down, but your timeframes are, from the look of it, fairly realistic.

regards, Michael

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Clavax Technologies

Hey Russell,

Trust you are doing well!

As you have mentioned, you want to setup 5 website using cost effective platform. We can showcase our core competencies for the same.

I would like to let you know that we provide end-to-end solutions of building Enterprise CMS development, Web/system or Mobile applications, right from designing of UI/UX, front & back-end development, cloud deployment, database modeling and development, Big Data services, IT Support on the project-to-project basis

So, we can surely facilitate a Senior resource (Based in Sydney) for continuous work. I can share some more details if you allow :)

Also thinking to call you for more clarity, Kindly advise when I can call you ?

Kindest Regards, Rohit Prashar Tel: +61 2 8318-7634

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Vnnovate Solutions Australia

Hi Russell,

Thank you for sharing your requirements via Ozlance.

Based on information provided, I am highly confident my team will be able to deliver your requirements within the given time-frame.

What I would like to understand at this stage, do you have any designs in mind to use? Or are you open to use readily available free in market designs?

We can work with you to assist you on selection of domain hosting services based on the expected traffic and load on the sites. This would completely be your own decision to select the hosting service provider but we can definitely help you narrow down on the sources.

Would love to speak to you on the requirement to begin with prior to providing a random estimated cost and time-frame of delivery.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Thanks & Regards, Andy Vnnovate Solutions Australia andy@vnnovate.com

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Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Russell,

My name's Jay and I am an 9+ years experienced web developer. I would like to discuss further about your project so that I can submit you a detailed quote.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call . It would be great if you could text me your email address so I can send my work samples for your review .

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards Jay 0451657071

Estimated 0 hours

Hi Russell,

I might be the best teacher how to run 5 sites with the best options.

I have many experiences with Godayy, Wix and Wordpress, and know how to deal with your desire. It is fairly easy for me. You can either pay me the fundamental cost to be learnt for each and do your stuff for your own or I can build up all 5 sites by a month, but it will cost more.

You can find my portfolios and career at http://www.softclouds.net/projects/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/songdanny/.

Hope it make sense and discuss more in details If you can.

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[Deleted user]

Hello Russell, You've found the right person! I'm more than happy to do this and can show you some of the websites I have previously made. Let me know if you are interested... My Price is negotiable! Cheers, Lavinia

Deliver in 10 days
Agape Media Consulting

Clavax Tech here are selling you Enterprise level stuff. You definitely don't need that (think hundreds of pages and complex functionality for multi-level management). This is a few 1-5 page sites!

WordPress is obviously very popular, but VERY flexible (and therefore can be overwhelming in the number of choices you have). It's "free", but you end up paying someone like us to maintain it.

These days, for such basic websites, you are better off doing a Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc. website. These are DIY platforms. They will most certainly be the most cost-effective (remember, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are "free" in inverted commas - they can be a beast to maintain for non-technical people, and probably take at least 10 hours a year each x $50-$150 per hour for a tech to do it).

So I encourage you to give Wix or something a try, and I'm happy to walk you through things in more detail if you like at an hourly rate.

Estimated 3 hours
Richards Engineering Group Pty Ltd


I represent a local software engineering company. I can implement these pages in absolutely no more than 10 days.

If you'd like to hear more, please get in touch at kyler@richardsengineering.com.au

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[Deleted user]

Dear Russell,

I design unique and functional Wordpress websites for small, medium and large businesses. It doesn't matter what size your business is, or what budget you are working to, I can deliver a responsive, SEO optimized, custom Wordpress website.

I guarantee each website I build is 100% original. I don't use templates. I design websites with Divi Builder and as such, I can provide any functionality you require.

I offer domain, hosting, SSL and eCommerce at a separate cost.

The price below is to build 5 sites as described plus plugins and features such as Divi Builder which will allow you to drag and drop and manage the sites easily from your Wordpress dashboard.

Yours sincerely, Garry Parsons

Deliver in 4 days
Scaria George

Hi Russell,

We are a team of 4 developers( all having 10+ years of experience) in website design and hosting on various platforms.

Your timelines looks pretty realistic. Let us know if you are interested to work with us.

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WhinWeb Design

Hello Russell B

My name is Harrison from WhinWeb Design and I understand you wish to get 5 websites up and running ranging from a few simple landing pages to an ebook store. In my opinion having the landing pages and simpler sites built using html, css and javascript would be the quickest, fastest and provide the best results as opposed to platforms like Wix. This method allows for great SEO and is very flexible with the content you can later include.

For the eBook store I would suggest using WordPress however letting myself do the initial setup and then possibly even teaching you how to use WordPress would be the best way to set up an online store. I have several clients who use WordPress and I myself use it for my own website and I can testify it is a brilliant platform for anything blog and eCommerce related.

Finally with the domain hosting this really depends on whether or not you bought your domain names. Think of your domain name as a house or one of those little bungalows that people build to be transported, it is essentially the house for your content to live in. You can't have a house without somewhere to display it which is where hosting comes into play, it is your plot of land in the world wide web. Hopefully that makes sense :P I have bought and advised my clients to buy their domain names via GoDaddy but then choose a hosting company that is best for their budget, needs etc. I can of course guide you through this entire process and I'm even happy to host these sites on my own account for a reduced fee as it is unlimited and I can give you their login information to save you a bit of money.

I can hopefully deliver these sites to you within 2 weeks however I'm afraid it might be closer to 3 weeks as I'm soon moving house and have a few other personal commitments. Additionally I wouldn't like to rush this work and would want to provide the best quality sites that I can for you.

If you have any pother questions don't hesitate to contact me and I hope to be working with you soon.

Regards WhinWeb Design

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AWE Media Pty Ltd

Hi Russell,

I'm Ken, a veteran web developer/programmer and web application expert with 20 years of experience of working in the UK, Europe and now Australia.

I can walk through the various options with you in terms of hosting and what systems to use. I can either create a custom CMS system for you or we can use an existing one like WordPress, I can help advise better on this once I have a bit more information about your business and what you are wishing to achieve with the sites.

All five of your websites would be built to industry best standards, would be secure, reliable and would look modern and professional, all would work on mobile and tablets too. All work would be guaranteed.

You will receive full contact details including Skype, phone and email so we will always be hand for any follow up support afterwards too and we will be available for ongoing advice and support.

Kind Regards,

Ken McMonigle Awe Media Pty Ltd (07) 4972 1711 ken@awemedia.com.au

Estimated 10 hours
KC Media Solutions

Hi Russell

I am able to help with this project and have a perfect solution that will have you up and running very quickly and will allow you to sell your products and manage your websites yourself.

Deliver in 7 days
Eduweb Software Solutions

Hi Rossell,

We can get it done for you. We charge one time and our AMC is optional. We charge 8 aud/hr. Also we have 15 people team. We can deliver it in 2 weeks. Please contact me on lipu.shankar at g mal dot com

Deliver in 10 days
Freelance Geeks

HI Russel. After you've decided that we're working together I'm looking forward to smashing this one out of the park for you! There's a lot of choice in hosting and deploying websites and it can be a bit overwhelming. I recommend and work primarily with Wordpress, so we can start with that. The cool thing about Wordpress is that it's so mature and well supported with plugins that your project should be a walk in the park. Looking forward to working with you. Adam PS. I haven't ballparked an estimated cost, just because your description is a bit vague.

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IT Solutions And Solutions

Hello Russell,

I am able to help - I can provide hosting, and am happy to help choose which development environment to use.

Deliver in 10 days
Karaa Digital

hi Russell

I am Karaa Digital, an expert in web development and support. We could deliver 5 basic websites built on Wordpress platform within 15 days. Do you have domain names purchased?

Deliver in 15 days
Australian Custom Software Pty Ltd t/a ThinkSoft

I can provide a full service, selling and registering the domain names 2 year registration minimum, providing Aust hosting for each website @ $5 per month, prepaid for 2 years, loading Wordpress sites for blog content, creating Landing page as straight HTML with CSS styling, provide admin access and FTP access ( or do this as a service ) and complete maintenance over 2 years.

Deliver in 14 days
WANAus Web Design

Hi Russell, your request is just a standard quote in Tanzi Town. I have my own business and my clients are in holiday and I’m going nuts waiting for my holiday in late February! I have over nine years Web Design and development experience, I’m great at what I do because I love it and I’m easy to work with. I have my own hosting so I’ll throw five one year hosting packages into the mix all with email. You just need to buy the domain names. Have a think and let me know

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Hills Websites

Hi Russel,

My name is Steven Farrugia and i run Hills Websites ( www.hillswebsites.com.au ) in Sydney

I'd love to put together all your sites for you and also provide you with hosting for every site on our secure, high speed servers in Sydney.

I look forward to putting together the perfect sites for your e books

Deliver in 14 days
Forcit Cample

Hi There ,

I have read your requirements . I can do the job for you .

I’ve worked with a lot of great brands and small businesses over the past 8 years. They’ve praised my work as exceptional and reported back great increases in conversion rates and sales after the new website design.

You can check out some of my work on my portfolio at

http://www.webfuturetech.com/ http://www.formsplus.co.uk
http://officialjohnhowell.com/ http://www.positiverealestatecoaches.com.au/ http://www.heatherkjones.com/products/the-grocery-cart-makeover http://www.ashevilleperformingartsacademy.com/

I have a few ideas on how to approach your job on designing the website. If you’re interested, I’d love to discuss more details.

Kind regards,

Chayan Dutta

Deliver in 20 days

Hi Russel. I would go for WordPress multi site installation. They all will be hosted on the same hosting and can have different domain names or subdomains. This will be easier to maintain as the plugins and themes will be in one place, and it is very cost effective. I've done it with multiple clients, can provide examples. Will be happy to discuss further. Thank you, Lev

Deliver in 7 days
Brendon Tyree

Hi Russell,

I have the perfect solution for you. I'm a co-founder of a company based in Sydney and Melbourne that focuses on being an end-to-end business solutions provider. We help small business throughout Australia to get online and grow their brand.

We can provide competitive rates for the tools and services you need to create a reputable image for your brand through not only your website, but your social media profiles as well.

We can;

  • provide you with competitive domain name registrations (e.g. .com.au for $10.48/yr) including assisting with selecting a name and extension that works in your favour with SEO
  • build your websites based on your requirements
  • help you to set up an online store within your website to sell your ebook
  • create a custom design for your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

If you select this bid, I'll throw in 2 free domain names to use with one of your new websites for the first year (2 years for .au).

If you would like more information about the company, or the solutions we provide, please take a look at our website here: https://tyree.domains

I highly recommend getting in contact with myself (or via sales@tyreedomains.com.au) to discuss your project in more detail so that we can provide you with an accurate quote to suit your budget.

I look forward to our business relationship.

Regards, Brendon

Deliver in 27 days
Clavax Technologies

Hey Russell,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number/email address please ?

Cheers! Rohit +61 2 83187634

Russell B.

Hi Rohit,

My email is biddlerussell01@gmail.com - feel free to ask any questions.


Russell Biddle

Clavax Technologies

Thanks for sharing your email address. I just sent an email, kindly have a look : )

Clavax Technologies

He y Russell,

I did send an follow up email to you as well, I hope you did get the chance to have look on it. Could you please share you availability so I shall discuss with you ?

Regards Rohit

Clavax Technologies

Hey Russell,

Trust you are fine!

I'm eagerly waiting for your response. Kindly share your availability.

Cheers! Rohit

AWE Media Pty Ltd

Hi Russell, I replied to your email yesterday, let me know if you haven't received it. Thanks, Ken - ken@awemedia.com.au


Hi Russell

I would certainly like to discuss your project with you further, to get a better understanding about your requirements and how we can fulfil these. if you can provide some contact details that would be great.

Kind Regards Josh

WeiTech Development

Hi Russell,

I can help you setup you rweb sites, I use WordPress which is the most popular free web content management system out there. There's alot of plugins free and paid that you can use on your web site, there's thousands of themes to choose from as well. With WordPress there's no limitation on what you can do with it. There's basic SEO built into WordPress out of the box.

I can also help you out with the web hosting.

Contact me to discuss your requirements in detail, so that I can provide you with free estimate. Also please check out our web site to see what other service we offer! http://www.weitech-development.com.au

Regards, David.

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