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I need an Android app (or potentially hybrid for iOS and Android - please quote for both). I would like it designed and built. It will be an app for young people aged 8-18yo who access our counselling service. It will feature information pages, links to services/websites, mp3's, a calendar that users can add events and set reminders (for children in separated families going between two homes). Design wise it will need to be easy to navigate for users. It will be free to users. We want something that functions well, looks good. We want to be able to upload and change new content ourselves once the app is developed.

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Sim Touch Technology

Hi Libby,

I have been developing software for over ten years now. You have mentioned above that your would possibly be interested in both a Android and iOS app at some stage. I would suggest using a system called Xamarin. Using Xamarin for your app would allow us to develop your app in three parts,:

  1. The cloud or server side of your application,
  2. What is called a business level library which can then be integrated into the third and final part.
  3. The Android User Interface.

As business level library can be also be integrated into an iOS user interface, a potential iOS version would already be about 70% or more complete.

A break up of the cost:

Initial cost of Android Version $1400.00 iOS version $600.00

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can achieve the goals you have, please feel free to contact me.

Michael Robinson Sim Touch Technology

Deliver in 21 days
First Five Eight Media

Hey Libby,

Are you looking for something similar to an existing app for example?

This sounds like a project that would do a lot of good for the end users and so I've set a discounted hourly rate for our services. Mental health is a very important topic and especially for young people where it can have such a dramatic effect.

As I understand you require information pages which contain text, images, and links. There will be a media library with audio files, a calendar of events which users can edit and add reminders for. You also want the app to be managed by CMS - so that the content is easily managed which requires a website build

I would initiate the project by nailing down the main goals of the app and its functionality. We would review these requirements and do a cost to benefit analysis to understand if the requirements are worth the investment. Following that, we'd initiate a wireframing stage and create a UX map to understand the usability, and ensure it is easy to use and understand before starting the design stage. During this time, the requirements would be documented with supporting test strategy and cases to ensure accurate delivery of the project. We would develop the app and conduct testing before UAT and delivery.

Fee outlined is for a full month dedication to the project. Please send me an email to learn more, it sounds like a really interesting project :D



Estimated 160 hours

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