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I am currently coordinating a research project requiring participants’ to complete 3 cognitive tasks in a survey format. These 3 timed response tasks (Symspan, Ospan and Rotspan) need to be programmed in Javascript then embedded into Qualtrics (a survey platform).

Half of the programming has been completed on the tasks and additional work needs to be implemented to improve timing precision and to eliminate bugs.

One task (SymSpan) is embedded in Qualtrics but currently is not displaying properly. The other two tasks have been implemented outside of Qualtrics and need importing over to the survey platform.

Programming for gathering and formatting the data for export is also required. I’ve written a full set of instructions for how the tasks work & can explain anything necessary - I will also put you in touch with the original programmer. Attached is a more detailed explanation of the tasks.

The ideal candidate would possess a solid understanding of Javascript & web technologies.

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I can handle this job. The number of hours are indicative only. Let me know if you have any questions.

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