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writer to assist in preparation of website content and blogs. Would suit law student.

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Madeline Hayman-Reber

I generally charge $0.30 per word, however I am open to negotiation if there is ongoing work to be completed. Please feel free to call me for further information.

Estimated 0 hours

I can ensure prompt and accurate delivery. This could be my first project here but I have a good track record on other freelancing sites.

Deliver in 2 days
Monika Stasiak

I have LLB (Hons), a B.A. in Communications, and am currently completing a PhD in English. I specialise in communicating complex concepts clearly. I have worked in legislative development, compliance, legal research, and policy roles in several areas of law. I maintain an interest in emerging legal issues. I am highly organised and able to meet deadlines.

Deliver in 4 days

I'm a freelance writer with degrees in business and law from La Trobe University in Melbourne, so since you mentioned it is suitable for law students I would love to hear more about your project! I have experience writing articles such as guides on trade marks and intellectual property, researching topics like employment or advertising law, etc., mainly for small business or freelancer target markets. For rates, I generally charge $35 per 500 words.

An example of a legal blog article I wrote is online at:

Hope to hear more about it!

Best regards,

James Carstensen

Deliver in 12 days
Taimoor Qureshi

Negotiable rate and working hours. postgraduate student studying master of laws from University of New South Wales.

Estimated 10 hours