Browser delivered / Android / IOS game & website design & build

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Freelance / Casual

browser delivered game that also will run on Android / IOS mobiles. Requires website and back end systems.

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Geoff L.
Joined Apr 2017
Submitted 12 Apr 2017 at 03:00
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Since this is a both browser based and mobile based platform , i would suggest unity 3d gaming engine as the development platform for both master game controller and client game controller. Unity provide crossplatform development where we can have write once and deploy on android,ios,mac, Windows, browser . For the server side we can use for broadcasting to all clients, and mongo db as a database for faster retrieval . What would be your preferred language for backend development?

As suggested by the doc if we build crossplatform master and client app , the effort can be optimized. We at drafteq have been developing games and backend for quite some time.

Please check our game portfolio at :

Our website :

Deliver in 60 days
Blitzm Systems Pty Ltd

Hello Geoff, I manage a software engineering team in Melbourne and we specialise in web and mobile application development. We develop web systems and mobile applications every day. We have released multiple games for mobile devices and my engineering team has a keen interest in game development. We've developed 2D and 3D mobile applications, including our own 3D game engine using pure c++/opengl.

I would love to provide a quote - please email me at to continue the conversation.


Deliver in 60 days